Sex and the City: Nail Sets Based on Your Favorite Character

Sex and the City: Nail Sets Based on Your Favorite Characters

Sex and the City is a truly timeless series about friendships, romances, and fashion. Not only does it provide top quality fashion inspiration for women all over, it has also prompted some of your favorite personality tests: 

"Are you more of a Samantha or Carrie?" 

"Miranda or Charlotte?"

We love Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte just as much as you do, and thus we have hand picked nail sets just for you based on your favorite character. 

Carrie Bradshaw- Sex and the City

When talking about TV’s most stylish characters, it is impossible to leave out the iconic fashion columnist and Manhattan socialite: Carrie Bradshaw. She has everything you could ever dream of: a shoe collection to die for, a job in fashion that most women would fight over, and loyal friends that would do anything for her. However, as much as it would probably pain her to admit- between time spent on a complicated love life and brunching with girlfriends, even she doesn’t always have time for a salon manicure. 

So what would the solution be for if you're most similar to NYC’s leading trendsetter? The Pink Ombré Set. 

The Pink Ombré set is effortlessly chic and sophisticated. The clean shape and warm neutral tones make this set a necessary staple in everyone's beauty cabinet. The glossy finish, coffin shape, and long length establishes this set a must have.

P.S. No need to fret if long nails are not your style, Clutch Nails can easily be filed down. 

And since you know Carrie would do anything for her friends, do your friends a favor and show them their future beauty obsession here.

Samantha Jones

She's confident, assertive, and has no qualms about speaking her mind. Not to mention, she has a natural knack for attracting all of the hottest bachelors in the city. Admittedly, while she is not known for being loyal to just one man, she is very loyal to fashion and her friends. Similar to Carrie, she has had tremendous success in her career and has no intentions of slowing down. Samantha is the bold one of the group: something that is reflected through her daring and provocative sense of style. Going to a white themed summer party? She’ll wear a red dress. 

It is no secret that every Sex and the City fan wishes they could say “Oh, I am such a Samantha!” However, if you aren’t a public relations power woman, that doesn't mean you cannot channel your inner Samantha. Luckily for you, we have just what you need: the High Maintenance set.

Pulling off black nails is not an easy feat; but for every real life Samantha, taking a fashion risk has never scared you. These long matte nails are ultra sexy and stylish: two words that sum up Samantha Jones in a nutshell. The accent nails are embellished with decorative jewels, have a stiletto shape, and are an absolute necessity in your beauty cabinet. Look no further for the beauty accessories that will stop people in their tracks: the High Maintenance set is just what you need. 

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes is the high achieving lawyer living in the city with no short of ambition. While at first glance it may seem that the Ivy League graduate has her whole life together, her personal life has proven to be quite full of turmoil ; something that results in her being pessimistic about love. She presents herself in a professional manner most of the time, however, all Sex and the City devotees knows that her friends have natural abilities to help her loosen up. 

Her character, rather than her style, is what has resonated most with avid viewers of the series. When you're working in a field that is dominated by men, you need to know your worth and speak your mind. Miranda has learned to do just that. She has a strong will; as it takes profound commitment to balance your career, relationships, and motherhood. TIme after time, she has exemplified her resiliency against obstacles she has faced, and that is simply one of the many qualities that makes her an outstanding role model for young women. 

For the Sex and the City fans who feel they can personally relate with Miranda the most, the Sugar Baby set is your perfect fit. Glamour, sophistication, and elegance are all blended together into these best selling coffin nails. When you want to have beautiful nails, but you are not interested in having loud colors and designs stealing the attention, these pink and white ombre nails have just the balanced combination of taste and practicality. Don’t worry though if you fancy yourself to be more of a Charlotte, Carrie, or Samantha; the Sugar Baby set is a beauty essential for any personality. 

Charlotte York

Welcome to the hopeless romantic of the group: Charlotte York. She’s naive, kind hearted, and idealistic to a fault. Her upbringing with her wealthy, traditional parents inspired her dreamy notions and expectations about love. Her dreamy and wide-eyed goals for life may establish her character as a bit of a TV cliche. However, her growth and evolution throughout the series and films is a welcoming surprise. She is sweet, opinionated, and incredibly passionate. Afterall, who could forget her iconic confrontation with Mr. Big. 

Charlotte always carries herself in a graceful manner, and voicing her judgements of her girlfriends’ choices have created internal disputes within their friend group. Her sense of style is much more refined and feminine in comparison with her friends’ fashion choices. It is quite rare to find her not wearing tailored blouses and floral prints, and she will never be seen without her hair exquisitely styled. 

If you’re the Charlotte of your friend group, your fashion preferences are likely the same; which is why Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the nail set you will fall in love with. 

These glossy Tiffany blue nails are posh and flirty. These nails have a very natural appearance; as they are medium length with an oval shape. You will never want to leave your house without these nails: they are not to be missed. This set is guaranteed to be your new go-to brunch staple. The muted pastel color is modest and delicate, so it is not a surprise that it will be the newest obsession for all of our Charlotte lovers out there. 

Let us know which Sex and the City character you are!

Clutch Nails

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