Gossip Girl: Nail Sets Based On Your Favorite Character

Gossip Girl: Nail Sets Based on Your Favorite Character

Let's be honest. All it takes is one episode of Gossip Girl and a little Rosé for anyone to find themselves with an uncontrollable desire to embark on passionate city love affairs while swathed in the most luxurious clothing. 

The iconic characters of Gossip Girl serve as fashion inspirations for millennials across the world- starting when the first season premiered over ten years ago. 

Since then, at one point we’ve bought an article of clothing because, “This is so something Serena would wear!” 

So now, welcome to the guide of which Clutch Nails you should wear based off your favorite Gossip Girl character. 

Serena van der Woodsen

Greek Goddess

She is the Upper Eastsider with a reputation that precedes her- and rightfully so. Serena van der Woodsen is a character that is arguably one of the biggest fashion muse’s of the 2000’s. With her free-spirited personality and impeccable style: what is there not to love about her? 

We all know that Serena is always the first to adopt the newest trends, and you could bet on her being the first person flaunt new nail styles

The must have set for our Serena lovers? The Greek Goddess. These nails are white with gold ornaments, have a glossy finish, and come in our classic coffin shape. These nails will last you through every crazy adventure you embark on; and their simplistic design will go with any outfit. Because let's face it; any Gossip Girl devotee loves a good fashion statement. 

P.S. Dan Humphrey not included. 

Blair Waldorf

Natural Nude

When you’re the wealthy heiress with a mother who is a fashion designer, not only do you have guaranteed front row seats at the hottest runway shows in the city; you also arguably have fashion in your DNA. If you take one look at Blair Waldorf and her refined- yet feminine- style, it’s no wonder why every aspiring socialite is envious of the Upper East Side’s Queen B. 

So if you fancy yourself to possessing the most similarities to Blair, look no further than the Natural Nude set. You simply cannot go wrong with glossy nude nails in a long square shape. They are incomparably polished and will easily bring more sophistication and class to any outfit. Wear them to a first date, happy hour with friends, first day at work, or a summer vacation! 

Jenny Humphrey


You love her. You hate her. But could you forget her? Never. Throughout the different storylines of Gossip Girl, Jenny is portrayed as either the conniving villain or the nonconforming teenager who everyone roots for. There really is no in between. When you're not born to one of Manhattan's wealthiest families, it's up to you to make a name for yourself, and Jenny shows- time after time- that she is up to that challenge. 

Her loud fashion choices and rocker-chic style are part of her targeted attempts to gain entry into the exclusive Upper East Side elite. When you’re on the hunt for cutting edge fashion inspiration, look no further than Jenny Humphrey. 

So, for our real life Jenny looking to stand out in the fashion scene: Starlight will be your new treasured beauty product. These nails are uncommonly striking with their purple to black gradient and glitter finish. They're also our signature long coffin shape. (Find out what your favorite nail shape says about you here). This set is vibrant and arresting: the ideal set for people who want nails with a flair for the dramatic. 

Vanessa Abrams

First Date

Welcome to another game of “Do we Love or Hate Her?” 

Any Gossip Girl fanatic will have very passionate responses to that question. Vanessa makes herself out to be the good girl with clear morals and values. However, with her plotting schemes to break up relationships and friendships, her reputation has a few blemishes. 

Out of all the girls in the show, Vanessa’s style is the most Bohemian and laid back. She’s a fan of warm colors and floral patterns- which is quite a contrast to Jenny’s edgier fashion choices. 

With its warm tones and hip motifs, it’s easy to see why First Date is ultimate match for fashion lovers similar to Vanessa. This set gives you three nail colors: white and glitter chevron, glossy glitter, and peachy pink. These nails are effortlessly cool with their medium square shape. Not to mention, the sparkle adds great panache to any outfit. Now all that's left is for you to have fun mixing and matching the different colors!

Which Gossip Girl character are you?

Till next time... XOXO



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