Star NailsStar Nail Designs

Lucky | Nails With Stars | Press On Nails

bestseller: bestseller |Color: Nude |Finish: Matte |Holiday: Fourth of July |Length: Short |Shape: Round
Flame NailsNeon Flame Nails

Hot Girl Stunner | Flame Nails Coffin | Press On Nails

bestseller: bestseller |Color: Multi Color |Finish: Glossy |Length: Extra Long |purple: purple |Shape: Coffin Sold out
Leopard Print Nail ArtLeopard Print Nails

Wild Child | White Leopard Print Nails | Press On Nails

Accent Nails: Leopard Print |bestseller: bestseller |Color: Taupe |Finish: Glossy |Length: Medium |Shape: Oval Sold out
Star Glitter Nail ArtStar Nail Glitter

Euphoria | Glitter Star Nails | Press On Nails

bestseller: bestseller |Color: Lilac Purple |Finish: Glitter |Length: Long |purple: purple |Shape: Stiletto On sale
$9.99 $11.99
Cherry Nail DesingCherry Nails

Cherry on Top | Cherry Nails | Press On Nails

bestseller: bestseller |Color: Pink |Finish: Glossy |Length: Long |Shape: Square
Checkered Nail ArtCheckered Nail Design

Ride or Die | Checkered Flag Nails | Press On Nails

Accent Nails: Black & White Checkered |Color: Yellow |Finish: Glossy |Length: Long |Shape: Stiletto |toprated: toprated

What are summer nails?

Summer nails are bright, fun nails that fit within the seasonal summer vibe. They can be long or short, but usually they encompass the fun-in-the-sun, vacation energy.

What are good summer nail colors?

The most popular colors for summer are white, bright neon colors, or soft pastels.

Are French Nails In Style 2021?

French Nails are definitely in style in 2021. They are popular everywhere. The most popular French Nails right now are modern takes on the classic French design. If you're looking for a fresh fun take on French Nails you should try our Hot Girl Stunner nails.

Are white nails in Style 2021?

Yes, white nails are having a moment in 2021. White nails are perfect for everything from a formal event or weddings all the way to a casual day at the beach. (Try: Greek Goddess)

Are matte nails in Style 2021?


Matte nails are definitely still in style! Glossy nails are currently more popular, but matte nails aren't going anywhere. (Try: Lucky)

What is the most popular nail shape for 2021?

The most popular nail shape for 2021 is almond. Almond nails are a shorter, more rounded version of stiletto/ballerina nails.

Should nails and toes match?

The best way to match your nails and toes is to pick a fun design for your nails and take one color in the design as a solid tone for your toes.