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High Maintenance | Press On Nails | Stiletto Matte Black Jewel Nails

Accent Nails: Jewel Accent Nails |bestseller: bestseller |Color: Black |Finish: Matte |Length: Long |Shape: Stiletto On sale
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Pick Your Poison Bundle | Press On Nails | Three Press On Nail SetsPick Your Poison Bundle | Press On Nails | Three Press On Nail Sets

Pick Your Poison Bundle | Press On Nails | Three Press On Nail Sets

Holiday: Halloween |Includes: Creep it Real |Includes: Feline Fine |Includes: Ghosted |limited edition: limited edition
Spider Web NailsHalloween Press On Nails

Creep It Real | Press On Nails | Stiletto Spiderweb Nails

Color: Light Pink |Design: Spider Webs |Finish: Matte |Length: Long |limited edition: limited edition |Shape: Stiletto

What is a coffin nail?

A coffin nail has a bold, defined shape that takes inspiration from the distinct stiletto shape. Instead of having a pointy tip like stiletto nails, coffin nails have a sharp square tip. Also referred to as ballerina nails, this nail shape is one of the most popular, in-demand styles for manicures. Typically, a coffin is the preferred shape for ombre nails and french manicures. It is difficult to achieve a coffin shape with your natural nails, which is why we recommend press on coffin nails, as they are higher quality, longer lasting, and more affordable than coffin acrylic nails. 


What are Halloween colors for nails?

Many people assume that Halloween nails must be darker colors, but that is not the case. Darker colors, such as black and purple, are always super popular for spooky season nails. However, lighter colors, such as pink and orange, are quickly becoming just as sought-after. For people looking for more femine and flirty Halloween manicures, we recommend more warm pastel colors. Plus, Halloween accent nails are super hot right now and can allow for you to mix and match colors and designs. 


Is it too early for Halloween nails?

It is never too early for Halloween nails, as plenty of the fun spooky styles can be worn all year round. Traditional Halloween colors, like orange and black, do not need to be exclusive to the months of October and November. The same applies to Halloween nail designs and nail art, which can easily spice up your nails. In-demand nail accents and designs, such as cats or spiderwebs, are cute additions to any manicure, no matter what time of the year.