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June is pride month, but in our opinion, you should wear bold pride-inspired styles year-round, because why not?

We’ve compiled our favorite styles that capture the glitz and glamour of pride designs that you can wear throughout June, or whenever you want to represent the LGBTQ community.



If you want to represent every color of the rainbow on your nail art, there’s no better way to do so than with vertical stripes.

Time to unscrew the caps on every one of your polish bottles, because you’re going to need them all! Use a tiny paintbrush to make delicate stripes from top to bottom, and you can pull it off with ease.

Don’t have time to make rainbow nails? Just do one accent nail to make your statement and use a uniform color on the rest.



Not all of us are blessed with a steady hand to articulate those rainbow nails, which is why polka dots are an excellent alternative.

No need to go in for a fancy manicure - you can do this one yourself with no help. Just lay down a neutral base coat, then dot away with various colors to your heart’s content. 



Don’t limit yourself to stripes or dots. You can create unique color blocks that look like mini pieces of modern art.

Use basic shapes like triangles, squares, and rectangles that seem simple at first, but look amazing once all the colors are filled in. 



Some say that pastels are a bit too understated for pride month. The best way to use these tones is by mixing them all in a psychedelic swirl!

This design is tricky to execute for even top-notch nail techs, which is why we recommend our best-selling Miss Chella press-on nails. In just 10 minutes you have incredible pastel swirl nails!



Pride month is all about being yourself, but sometimes you need an extra boost to make those nails a bit longer and stronger, especially with a month of celebration ahead.

Treat yourself to our press on nails for June if you want some super-resilient nails that will last you many weeks of fun in the sun while representing the pride flag!