False Nails: Why Is It Such a Hot Trend Right Now?

All over the world, the demand for false nails is on the rise. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR) and a few other researchers in the nail care market, the trend will continue to rise progressively. The reason may not be easily tied to one particular factor. But, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, women are becoming increasingly cautious about their appearance and want to spice up their own nails with something better than just clear nail polish.  

The global nail treatment market is projected to reach a value of over $20.9 billion by 2027. Data from TMR shows that the Asia Pacific has the highest revenue, followed by North America. The Middle East and Africa come at the bottom of the log. An important factor that helped to boost the popularity of false nails is the creativity of the manufacturers. 

In the past, nails were more of one-type-fits-all. Therefore, not everyone found it interesting. Now, there is a large diversity of products from shape to length and design. Each year brings a new beauty trend—from hair to jewelry, nothing is as creative as nail art trends. Today, some women wear DIY false nails to make a fashion statement or simply complement their look for an important event without having to make an appointment at a nail salon.

Experts’ Opinion on Why False Nails Are Hot

 False nails including acrylic nails, gel nails, and dip nail sets have become increasingly popular over the years. On a global scale, there has been a growing competition. Therefore, market players often use lower prices, free shipping, and a diversity of choices to position their nail kits. This explains why we see increasing adverts of artificial nails and manicure tools such as  cuticle clippers and  nail files.

Nail art  is increasingly becoming popular among young beauty divas—and that population is growing across the globe. Thus, they are often the motivation behind the creation of new products. Nevertheless, experts almost always have a different view. Ask three experts what they think about the popularity of false nails, and you would likely get different replies.

For example, the Research and Markets analyst team said, “The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is trending manicures and nail art. Different nail artists come up with new designs that become a trend for beauty lovers…These trends include wire nail art, mirror effect nail art, and sunglass effect on nails.”

Innovation remains the strongest charm of manufacturers, and Miss Pop, a nail artist and creator of the legendary geometric nails at Jeremy Scott’s SS20 show, explained that there is much more that you can do with nails than previous generations may have thought. And they don’t have to be cumbersome or a hassle to put on. You can change your nails just as easily, or almost as easily, as you can a pair of shoes.

It’s not all about innovations and new products, some of the popular, classic false nail designs are making a comeback for unclear reasons. This includes the classic red nail and others. The classic red nail, for instance, seems to hark back to a nostalgia for the 80s that includes fashion and other trends.

10 Nail Designs That Are Driving the Trend

From luxury designs to color combinations and a variety of shapes like oval, stiletto, square, and coffin, it is not one but a combination of factors that are driving false nail trends. Here are some of the trending nail designs that everyone is talking about. 

1. Branded nails

Nails branded with luxury fashion logos give you an expensive look. This trend is particularly interesting because it lets your imagination run wild. Unlike the regular nails that often have uniform patterns and colors, fashion nails allow you to combine different patterns and colors and get away with it. From Chanel’s ‘CC’ logo to bees, and Gucci’s rings, you can have all of them on the one hand and still look phenomenal. Now, that is the power of branded nails. 

2. Colorful nails

The rainbow in the sky is always an interesting view, but who says you must look up to the sky to see the rainbow? False nail manufacturers have brought the rainbow color closer with inspiring designs. The most interesting feature of this range of products is that they are eye-catching. Bold, bright colors are always hard to miss—and that is what rainbow is all about. So, if you are the type that always wants to be noticed and complimented when you walk into a room, this should easily be your choice. However, don’t forget to match your vibrant nails with colorful outfits.  

3. Gold flakes nails

Gold is a symbol of wealth and royalty. There is no other color that expresses luxury like gold. False nails with gold flakes feel warm and shimmer in the light, giving you a million-dollar look. Whether it is broad gold glitters running almost the entire length of the nails or thin gold stripes, the feeling remains the same. That is the power of gold. Gold flakes nails are perfect for a glamorous evening ball. Interestingly, this set of nails can blend with any type of outfit.

4. Tapered square nails

From stiletto to coffin, the list of nail shapes is endless. However, the tapered square continues to be in vogue. In fact, they are hot trends right now. The combination of long tapered square nails with an extreme ‘C-curve’ is simply sexy. Rather than trying to blend in, maybe it is the right time to stand out by trying out unconventional nail shapes. Long nails can be uncomfortable if you are not used to it. Therefore, try to maintain a length that feels comfy—we’ll leave that to your discretion. 

5. Reusable coffin nails

Coffin nails are arguably the most popular shapes when it comes to fake nails and manicures. This is mainly because of their chic, stylish, and natural feel. They easily blend with any color and can be styled into multiple designs. The only limit when it comes to styling coffin nails is your imagination. Interestingly there are reusable coffin nails. If you are addicted to fake nails but want to cut back on your budget, reusable coffin nails will make a great investment. 

6. Matte nails with jewel accent

Matte nails give a more laid-back experience and are particularly suitable for people that don’t like to draw too much attention to themselves. However, a jewel accent on a few of the nails still gives you a sense of luxury—and this is becoming a trend. Perhaps, one of the factors that make matte nails endearing to the young generation is that they are easy to maintain. You can also get artistic and increase the glow. There is virtually no limit to what you can do with matte.  

7. Glossy nails

Glossy nails are often a sign of good health, and there are lots of websites that dish out tips on how to get glossy nails. However, if your lack of glossy nails will affect your self-esteem or anxiety, then it is time for a facelift using fake nails. In this case, you are not doing it for fashion alone but also for your mental health. With the growing anxiety—especially among the young generation—it is easy to see why glossy nails is a hot trend.

8. Long stiletto nails

Stiletto nails are long, bold,  daring and, surprisingly, the favorite among celebrities. At any given time, you can spot icons such as Cardi B, Beyoncé, or Rihanna rocking pointy stiletto nails. If there is a set of nails that is always on trend, it must be stiletto. There is so much you can do with stiletto nails. They come with or without embellishments, as well as different styles and colors. They give nail artists the freedom to explore the depth of their creativity. We think you will continue to see stiletto nails among the hot trends. 

9. Oval nails

Oval shaped nails are one of the earliest acrylic designs, but they continue to be a hot trend because of their limitless styling possibilities. They come in different lengths with a glossy or matte finish, or even a French manicure style. Oval nails are neither attention-seeking nor bland. They are somewhere in-between. Unlike most of the newer designs, they are easier to find and arguably have the largest audience. It’s the type of nails you wear when you just want to blend in with your natural nails. 

10. Chrome nails

Nails with chrome finish give off a metallic, glossy luster that makes them instantly attractive. For some reason, they tend to feel more durable. Thanks to their shimmers, these fantasy nails easily blend with any type of outfit. Perhaps, that is why they are a hot trend. Now, you have no reason not to rock some. 

Undoubtedly, fake nails have come to stay. Whether you jump on the trend or decide to sit in the corner and watch, the train will keep moving. However, what we can’t predict is the next design that will trend. With manufacturers becoming increasingly creative to appeal to the young audience, we can only watch with our fingers crossed.

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