How to Put on Fake Nails?

Try fake nails if you want a glamorous look. With fake nails, you can apply almost any style. With bold and attention-grabbing designs and simple colors and nudes, you can apply fake nails before a date night, prom, wedding, and any other special event. Here’s how you should apply DIY artificial nails the right way without going to the nail salon. 

Things You Need for the Procedure 

Here are the main manicure tools you will need to apply fake nails:

  • Nail polish remover;
  • Cotton pads;
  • A fake nails kit;
  • Glue;
  • Nail buffer;
  • Nail file;
  • A clipper or nail scissors;
  • One small water container for soaking

How to Put on Fake Nails at Home?

There are a variety of false nail kits available on the market, but, as a beginner, you should avoid kits that rely on either gel or acrylic nail sets. Instead, try to learn the basics by using easier nail design kits, and you can progress from there. One of the best things to do is purchasing fake nails that are already shaped just the way you want them because then you will be able to easily glue them on your own nails. 

Step 1 – Get Your Natural Nails Ready

If you already have fake nails or polish, you must take them both off before applying a new set of artificial nails. Remember that every time you use acetone, you must rinse your hands afterward because it dries out nails and skin. 

Soak your nails. The entire prep process will help you maintain your nail care longer. Keep your fingers in lukewarm water for approximately five minutes. When your nails become soft, you must take them out of the water and dry them using a clean cloth. 

Extra Nail Tip!

When preparing to soak your nails, add hand soap to the water. Avoid oily solutions. Liquid solutions that also contain oils might be great moisturizers, but they will sabotage your fake nails application. Oils make it harder for artificial nails to stick to your natural nails. 

Step 2 - Trim and File Your Natural Nails

With either nail scissors or a nail clipper, you can trim your nails to make sure they’re all the same length and shape. Trim them down, but not all the way, to offer your future fake nails more support. Smooth the edges with a nail file. 

Don’t forget to push back your cuticles before your nail beds dry to make room for the fake nails. Glue them directly to the surface of your nails instead of your skin. 

In some cases, it is wiser and safer to just push your cuticles back because they play an important protective role for your nail beds. Trimming them might lead to infection in some situations when dirt or bacteria accumulate there. 

Finally, buff your natural nails. 

Step 3 – Applying Fake Nails 

Open the package that contains the fake nails and lay them out on a flat surface in the order you will be applying them to your real nails. Make sure they fit properly on top of your natural nails. If they don’t, shape the bottom edge of each fake nail with a file. 

The simplest method to apply artificial nails is with nail glue. Most nail kits provide the glue or adhesive substance. Put a very small amount of glue on your real nails and a dab on each fake nail (on the part that attaches to your natural nails). When applying the glue, in a spiraling pattern. Slowly and carefully, place the fake nails on top of your natural ones and gently press each fake nail down for about 10 seconds before releasing it. 

The false nail must remain firmly attached to your real nail without any gaps. Avoid using too much glue. If that happens, gently remove the extra glue with a cotton swab. Your dominant hand should go first when you apply fake nails. 

Finishing Touches 

To create the desired shape of your fashion nails, file each nail carefully. The most popular shapes are oval, square, and stiletto nails. On the other hand, many women are satisfied with the way the fake nails are featured in the purchased package. In those cases, there’s no need to file them. 

Step 4 – Decorate Your Fake Nails

Paint your nails with nail polish. Choose a color that you like, one that represents your personality. Glossy nails are the perfect match for a night out, while matte nails will suit your day-to-day outfits. You can add a clear nail polish on top of your fake nails if they are simple, without any extra design or pattern.

Classic looks include a couple of coats of paint, while more complex styles that make you stand out are: ombre nails, galaxy nails, and marbled nails. 

You can even add some sparkle by applying one single coat of nail polish that contains glitter. Nothing says glamorous better than several small rhinestones glued on your fake nails! Using them here and there, as tasteful accents, will create a dazzling look. 

Try a French Manicure 

For a natural and simple yet pretty look, you could do a French manicure. This style will provide a realistic touch to your artificial nails. There are French manicure kits on the market, but you can also do them yourself by using a combination of clear pink and white nail polish. 


Stay tuned for more useful details about the best types of fake nails and the most popular shapes, colors, as well as the latest trends. 

What Is the Most Popular Fake Nail Shape in 2020?

The trendiest shape of artificial nails this year is the coffin shape. This is a hot fashion trend that resembles one of the tapered almond nails. Coffin nails are a bit more narrow than the almond shape but a tad wider than stiletto nails. 

What Are the Most Popular Fake Nail Colors in 2020?

There’s nothing stressful about getting a manicure unless you have to pick a color, and there are a bunch of them available for choosing. The best thing you can do is making a decision on the spot. Still, if there’s a big event coming up, you may want to take a moment and think about the polish you apply on your fake nails. 

Here are some of the trendiest nail polish colors out there:

  • Sheers and neutrals - these will always be fashionable due to their classy and sophisticated look. These options are never out of style;
  • Bright neon colors – these alternatives work amazingly as summer manicures. They are loud colors that match a courageous personality. With a neon manicure, you will definitely make a huge statement. Shades like neon pink or neon green just scream summer;
  • Red nail polish – all nails look perfect with a classic cherry red manicure, regardless of their shape or length. It is, without a doubt, a timeless look;
  • Metallic colors – not many women are aware of the fact that metallic nail polish is incredibly versatile, and they can wear them all year round. You can either wear a metallic shade that covers the entire nail, from the tip to the nail bed, or use this color as nail art accents;
  • Classic French manicure – this elegant style made a comeback last year, and it is here to stay. It is the more complex version of a nude manicure. 

Other popular nail polish colors are:

  • Dark green;
  • Classic blue;
  • Pastels.

What Nail Polish Color Should You Use to Look Younger?

Bright colors should be your go-to option if you want your hands to look younger. For instance, bright pink will give your fingers a youthful perspective. 

What Nail Polish Color Works Great for Shorter Nails?

While longer nails are all the rage these days, you can also try fake nails that are rather short. In this case, you should use dark shades of nail polish, those that are evergreens such as navy blue, burgundy, or black. 

Fake nails aren’t that hard to apply once you get the hang of it. Go slow to make sure you put them on precisely and correctly. Otherwise, the glue you squirted on the nails will become dry, and the adhesion won’t be possible. 

Choose your favorite fake nail kit, in terms of color and shape. Don’t fret if the first time you apply fake nails, the procedure will seem a bit complicated. Remember that practice makes perfect, and, the second time around, everything will seem a lot easier. 

Your new favorite sets!

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