What Your Nail Shape Says About You

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Do you ever feel like you can tell a lot about someone's personality based on what clothing they are wearing? Well, we feel the same way about nails. So, sit back- grab a cup of coffee, relax; and let us tell you what your favorite nail shape says about you. 

If you Like Stiletto

You are bold. You are fiery. You enjoy taking risks in life; and for fashion it is no different. Others may call stiletto nails impractical, but that is okay because you have no desire to be practical. Your vivacious personality and exuberant style will always set you apart from others; because you want to stand out. 

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If you like Coffin

You exude confidence and know what you want. You put thought and effort into your appearance. You know you have style, and it is a given that you are always best dressed. Your unparalleled style turns heads wherever you go; so it is no wonder that many people look towards your style for inspiration. You don't follow beauty and fashion trends. You start them.

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If you like Oval

You are more reserved and do not like drawing too much attention to yourself. You’re sweet, inviting, and incredibly loyal. It’s no wonder why everyone is drawn to you. Your style is very refined and elegant. Like other aspects of your life, you want your nails to be clean and polished. Oval nails are the best fit for you because you take pride in taking care of yourself and looking put together. 

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If you like Square

You value the simple things in life. Square nails are sleek and just the right combination of feminine and minimalistic. You are generally a more relaxed person; and while others may concern themselves with being up-to-date on the latest trends, you like to stick with styles you trust. 

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If you like Round

You’re feminine and the epitome of class. You pride yourself in being a caring and genuine person. In leu of parties or wild outings, you prefer to spend time alone. You are incredibly thoughtful and very sympathetic towards others. Not only are you am exceptional judge of character, but you are very selective with friendships and relationships. Round nails are your favorite because they are especially natural looking, and you always stay true to who you are. 

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