Fake Nails: How to Keep Your Nails Fresh Without a Salon

Wearing long fake nails can really transform and improve the appearance of your hands. But only when done right! This is why some people are afraid of doing their own nail art without going to a nail salon. Thankfully, applying fake nails is not all that difficult once you know what you’re doing. Here’s our guide to how to keep fake nails fresh and natural nails healthy without going to the nail salon. 

How Long Do Fake Nails Usually Last?

There are different types of semi-permanent manicures available on the market; some of the most popular ones are gel nails, acrylic polish, and dip powder fake nails. Out of all these alternatives, the ones that last the longest are hard gel artificial nails. However, all of them are pretty good options. 

Acrylics are made by applying a mix of polymers and monomers (the first one is a powder while the second one is a liquid solution). The final touch consists of air-drying the manicure so fake acrylic nails usually last between 6 and 8 weeks. Still, you must refresh them and groom them a bit once every couple of weeks. 

The simplest manicure kits are the press-on nails, and those last for about two weeks or so. Simply put, the more complex the procedure is, the longer fake nails will last (at least, in theory). The trick to making them last longer is using high-quality glue. Also, using a nail file on each of your natural nail’s surface a bit before gluing the fake ones will also help. 

What Type of Fake Nails Are the Best Ones?

There are a couple of different fake nail sets out there that you can choose from, based on your preferences, the structure of your natural nails, budget, and more. Here are some of the most commonly-met categories of false nails:

Acrylic Nails 

The final result is a combination of powder and liquid that’s brushed onto your natural nails. Sometimes, nail technicians can add some extra amount to sculpt or make your real nails become longer; once you expose the product to air, it will harden in a matter of seconds. 

Acrylic nails grow at the same time with your natural nails. Therefore, you must return to the salon to fill in the part that has been uncovered. If you’re skilled enough to do this on your own, you can try it at home, although press-on fake nails are significantly simpler to put on. 

Acrylics can be easily removed after soaking your fingers in acetone for about 15 minutes. 

Gel Nails 

When they first appeared on the market, gel nails were made of a very thick substance that almost looked like toothpaste. Nowadays, gels feature a consistency that’s very similar to nail polish, and it provides a fresher and cleaner look. You can either apply them on your real nails or use them to make your nails look longer. 

Each coat of gel must dry under a UV light for a couple of minutes to harden. Today’s gel nails are lighter compared to acrylic manicures, and during the procedure, there’s no smell at all. At the same time, they are also more expensive. 

Wrap Nails

These kinds of fake nails are manufactured from fabrics like silk, linen, or fiber. They are created by gluing together several layers of fabric and powder. Before applying these fake nails to natural nails, the final product is cut into the needed shapes. They are the solution for those who have weak nail tips. 

These nails are lightweight and they won’t harm your health or real nails. Unfortunately, they also attract bacteria. So far, glue-on nails still look like the best choice. 

Press-On Nails 

Press-on or glue-on fake nails have many advantages: they last pretty long, are affordable and only take a few minutes to apply to your natural nails. These durable fake nail kits are as glamorous as the acrylics from the beauty parlor. 

They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns ranging from ombre, to matte.Some even come with glitter! They are the ideal choice for a DIY manicure or even a pedicure! So, go ahead and press to impress!

Things You Should Avoid Doing When Wearing Fake Nails

You should avoid the following if you want to prolong the life of your fake nails:

  •  Exposing your fake nails to chemicals that may destroy the glue that keeps them together;
  • Cutting them down to make them shorter. This can shatter fake nails and damage your own nail beds;
  • Open anything that can cause fake nails to break i.e. canned drinks;
  • Use nail polish removers such as acetone. It will  unglue your false manicure. 

How to Keep Your Nails Fresh Without Going to the Salon

There’s no need to go to the salon on a regular basis and spend money and time to maintain your fake nails. You can do all of that at home, by yourself. 

What to Do to Keep Your Natural Nails Healthy

You should have healthy nails before applying fake ones. Maintaining your real nails health isn’t just fashionable; it is a must if you want to avoid time-consuming and expensive nail treatments. Consider the following nail care tips. 

  • Eat healthy foods – a varied, nutritious diet leads to strong and healthy nails. Include biotin (Biotin is a supplemental vitamin, from the B vitamin category).
  • Opt for acetone-free polish removers as they are more gentle on your nails and doesn’t tend to dehydrate them
  • Wear gloves – whenever you’re doing chores around the house such as washing dishes, you should always wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect both your nails and your skin;
  • Moisturize your cuticles – cuticles protect your nail beds so, instead of cutting them off, you should always push them towards your skin but do this slowly and gently while avoiding aggressive movements. Also, make sure to apply a moisturizing oil on them from time to time;
  • Trim your nails regularly – natural-looking nails are so in right now, especially if you are a fan of applying fake nails on top of your real ones. Shorter nails won’t break that easily;
  • Clean your nails gently – you can do this by using a nail brush. Without a proper cleaning process, you risk infections. 

What to Do to Make Fake Nails Last Longer – Tips and Guidelines

Make sure to follow these simple rules in order to prolong the lifetime of your fake nails:

  • Always keep your hands clean and moisturized
  • Whenever you’re completing a housework activity like dishwashing, put on a pair of gloves
  • When you’re at your desk, typing on the computer, use your finger pads instead of your nails
  • Open things or pick them up from the ground with care and precaution
  • Apply moisturizer on your cuticles every single day
  • Based on the type of fake nails you choose to put on, you may need to engage in a weekly maintenance process
  • Keep the nails dry so that the glue doesn’t come off
  • Fix any damaged nails as soon as you see it with manicure tools

The Proper Way to Remove Fake Nails While Keeping Your Natural Nails Intact 

Here’s how to remove fake fashion nails, based on their type:

  • Removing acrylic nails – these types of fake nails are best  removed at a professional salon. But you can also do it on your own, at home, if you’re up to it. It requires a lot of filing and clipping -- especially if you have nail designs. Then, you must place your fingers in acetone and keep them there for a few minutes until the acrylics are dissolved;
  • Taking off press-on nails –  soak your nails in lukewarm water and soap. Then, use a soft buffer to take them out, and finally, apply some oil on your cuticles. It is a very simple process. you may also use a cuticle pusher instead of a buffer to loosen the fake nails;
  • Removing gel manicures – In professional nail salons use the most effective method which  requires cotton balls soaked in acetone and wrapped in aluminum foil. Remember to hydrate your natural nails  afterwards because they will be dry from the gel. 

There are plenty of reasons why women desire to get fake fingernails. Whether  they’re preparing to attend a special event like a wedding or high school reunion, or they just want to look sharp at any time, it’s nice to have stylish options such as a French manicure, every day of the week. Regardless of your reason, you should give artificial nails a try.. They will last around 14 days, and they won’t ruin your real nails. 

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