Introducing Our Halloween Bundle: Pick Your Poison

Three spooky nail sets that are to die for.

We promise that we are just as obsessed with Halloween as you are. Hanging with your friends, crazy parties, and cute outfits: what’s not to love?

The wait is over, and no longer do you need to try to contain your excitement: our Halloween nails are here and available for presale. 

It isn't a spooky season without ghostly nails. 

The first set in the Pick Your Poison bundle is Ghosted. These orange nails have- you guessed it- tiny ghosts on them. They’re our classic oval shape and the color will turn heads from across the room. 

They’re the perfect halloween set for October- because let's face it: we like to celebrate Halloween all month long. 

P.S. If we see you wearing these in November, we’re not going to judge. We’ll probably be doing the same.

You will not wear the Creep it Real set one night only. We guarantee it. Afterall, how can long stiletto nails with silver spiderwebs not be your month long obsession?

 It's a good thing we believe in flaunting our Halloween nails all of October; and our Creep it Real set is meant to be shown off. These nails are flirty and fun; and they have a 100% chance of being the talk of the Halloween party. 

Warning: Side effects of wearing these nails include elevated confidence and increased happiness. 

Two things we love: glossy pink nails and cats. Thus, it's only logical that one of our halloween sets features our favorite furry friends. This set is super super hot and stylish; and we are positive that you will be Feline Fine in them. This is the best nail set for the ladies wanting feminine nails that are stylish and have the Halloween spirit. 

P.S. Need a Halloween costume? Dress up as a cat and you will have the adorale feline nails to match. 

You'll get all three of these spooky nail sets in our Pick Your Poison bundle for just $34.99!

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