Your Guide to Halloween: Lazy Girl Outfits

Halloween may only last one night, but the memories are likely to stick around a lot longer (especially on Instagram). 

Lets Talk Halloween Outfits

Not everyone has the time to shop around for the most extravagant Halloween costume, and a lot of people prefer having more relaxed costumes anyways. So, if you’re into putting together your halloween outfits last minute, look no further. We’ve compiled the perfect lazy girl outfit ideas. 

Go For a Tom Cruise in Risky Business Outfit

What you need: an oversized button down shirt (we suggest borrowing one from a friend or brother), comfortable shorts, and high socks. 

Sounds simple, right? This outfit takes less than ten minutes to put together and is a cute and sexy Halloween outfit. For the girls who prefer to play it cool with their costumes, pay homage to one of the most classic 80’s films with this costume. 

Our set we recommend: Ghosted. You have to show your Halloween spirit; and orange nails with decorative ghosts are the way to go. 

P.S. Young Tom Cruise not Included.

An Angel

What you need: A white top, white bottoms (we recommend a skirt), white shoes (flats or heels), and, of course, a halo. 

Are you naughty or nice? If the answer is the latter, an angel costume is a timeless look we’re sure you’ll look heavenly in. This costume is easy to put together and is a great sultry look for any party. 

Wear this look with our Creep it Real nails. 

P.S. Grab your bestie and they can dress as a devil to make this a trendy two-person Halloween look.

A Cat

What you need: A black shirt, shorts or skirt, black socks, black shoes, and cat ears. 

Would this really be a guide to a lazy girl’s Halloween if we didn’t suggest a cat costume? First of all, everyone looks great in black, so it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with a sexy cat costume. If you want to add some pizzazz to it, you can draw on whiskers (use eyeliner) and buy a little cat tail.

No need to fret about getting your nails done: we have you covered with our Feline Fine set. 

Everyday is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us. 

-Tim Burton

If store-bought costumes aren’t your style, these lazy girl costumes can be thrown together with items already in your wardrobe. 

Don’t let any worrying about your costume stop you from having a fabulous Halloween night. 

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Our three Halloween nail sets that are a must have for the spooky season. 

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