Your Guide to Halloween: Group Outfits

Spending Halloween alone isn't fun. It's a night you want to remember, so why wouldn't you want to be surrounded by your best friends? For any girl squad, Halloween is the ultimate fashion show. 

Make a statement with these group costume ideas. 

Grab your girls and make the most of halloween 

Bond Girls

What you need: White button down shirt, black blazer, and black bottoms (we recommend shorts for a sexier look). Accessorize with your favorite reflective sunglasses! 

James Bond is with a doubt one of the most beloved film characters, and thus James Bond and Bond girls have become a wildly popular Halloween costume. Why? Because its stylish in a “look at her” way, is a definite showstopper at any party, and is a more high fashion look that can still be thrown together in less than 10 minutes. 

Spice Girls 

What you need: Pull together the spiciest clothing in your wardrobe. Look for 90’s styled tracksuits and loud cheetah prints. If you and your friends are dedicated to your outfits, browse a thrift store for a shirt or dress with the Union Jack flag (for our Ginger Spice girls). 

Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Posh, and Baby Spice all have a special place in our hearts. This iconic girl group is responsible for some of our favorite pop hits and style trends. So if you’re looking for a group costume that will have you all feeling like real life superstars, this is for you. A Spice Girls Halloween is guaranteed to be a night you and your friends will cherish forever, and to quote our favorite British pop group: friendship is forever. 

Remember: loud prints, high heels, and tousled hair is the way to pull off this group costume. 

Euphoria Inspired Looks

What you need: To pull off a Euphoria inspired look, it depends on which outfit and character you and your girlfriends want to dress as. A few good ideas are: the carnival scene outfits, the Halloween outfits, and the dance outfits. Some of the looks are fairly easy, such as Cassie’s Halloween look! Others are more complex, however, a lot of the actual outfits from the show can be bought online. You can find Maddy’s carnival outfit at I am Gia. Now, the most important part: makeup. Go to your favorite beauty store and get a ton of glitter makeup; as the characters all had some of the most show-stopping beauty looks on TV. 

While the show came out a year ago, its still the talk of the fashion world a year later. Not to mention, with season two in production, Euphoria is getting all the buzz. So get together your Cassie, Kat, Maddy, Rue, and Jules for a euphoric night that will be one for the books. 

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