Your Guide to the Different Nail Lengths

Your Guide to the Different Nail Lengths

When people have very different lifestyles, a “one size fits all” approach to nails isn’t going to work for many reasons. Having a selection of different nail lengths is very appealing to consumers; as all nail lovers have different preferences when it comes to functionality and style. 

Similarly to clothing, individual nail sets can be designed and worn for specific occasions. Glossy long nails may be your favorite style for a date night, while short neutral nails are likely a better choice for work. 

Thus, it's a good thing that at Clutch Nails we have a vast selection of different nail lengths for you to choose from. 

Short Nails

If you are seeking practical nails that will never go out of style, short nails are just right for you. This length is considered the most natural; as many women prefer to keep their real nails filed down to this length. So for those of you who desire functionality in your life, short nails are the way-to-go because it will feel like you’re not even wearing nails at all. There is no need to fret over getting your long nails caught in your hair or breaking them off; short nails will never fail you. 

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Medium Nails

You want performance and style, but can’t choose. Welcome to the best of both worlds: medium length nails. When you want to make more of a statement with your nails, but you also want the easability of the shorter length, this is a satisfying way to meet in the middle. Medium length nails are lively, sophisticated, and classy. They can be worn for any occasion; as these nails are practical enough for your everyday adventures, yet glamorous enough for your weekend festivities. To sum it up, medium length nails are absolutely essential for any nail enthusiast. 

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Long Nails

Long nails are bold and impossible to ignore. They are super hot at the moment; and let's face it: striking, long nails are never going to be out of fashion. If you're the beauty fanatic who loves self expression and taking risks, long nails will be your new must-have product. Not only will they turn all the heads, but long nails are perfectly complemented by any of the nail shapes. For a daring look, try long stiletto nails. Or, for a more timeless look, long coffin nails are the unbeatable beauty accessory for any outfit. 

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Extra Long Nails

You know that unexplainable confidence boost you get when wearing red lipstick? Well, extra long nails have a 100% chance of making you feel the same way. Some people may describe extra long nails as being fierce, daring, and flashy. All of those descriptions are true. These nails aren't worn because they are practical; they are worn to create a scene. So, for the ladies looking to spice up their style, go for the nails that will catch everyone's eyes from a mile away. Another perk: extra long nails make your hand appear more elongated and slender. 

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We get it, it's tough to choose when it comes to nails. 

Using this guide will help you find the nail length that is right for you, so all that's left now is making some space in you beauty cabinet for all the stunning nail sets you're soon to flaunt. 

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