Fashion and Beauty Trends for 2021

Fashion and Beauty Trends for 2021

Yes, we are all relieved at the thought that 2020 is almost over. With the New Year being just a sleep away, it is time to shut the door on all the craziness that 2020 brought; and it is time to make 2021 your year. 

With one chapter closing, another one is beginning. This means new fashion and beauty trends are emerging- and now is the time to hop on board. 

No one wants to be left behind with the 2021 fashion and beauty trends; so we’re giving you an early glimpse at the hottest fashion and beauty trends for 2021.

Bold Eyeliner


There are many things that we could cite as being inspiration for this next trend. Perhaps people have had an abundance of time in quarantine to devise new ways to spice up eye makeup; or, like the rest of us, they’ve binge watched Euphoria way too many times. So we’re calling it right now; bold eyeliner is going to be everywhere in 2021. 

Whether you want to go for a bold black eyeliner look, or- our personal favorite, a jaw-dropping colored liner look; there are so many ways to perfectly execute this future trend. Becoming skilled at the art of eyeliner is very similar to any other skill. Why? Because to become a master of any skill, the most important part is to practice, practice, practice! 

Head over to our Pinterest for all the makeup inspiration you need! 

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Bold Shoulders

Contrary to what Back to the Future taught us; it turns out you really don't need a time machine to travel back in time; at least in the case of fashion and beauty trends. 

One simply cannot speak of 80’s trends and ignore the most iconic trend of that decade; bold shoulders. Keep in mind, the 1980’s marked the rise of the female power suits, and thus, the loud shoulder silhouette was born. 

Whether you want to go for a tailored blazer with bold padded shoulders or a colorful blouse with padded shoulders; there are so many ways to bring this trend to life. 

Another perk? Blouses or jackets with padded shoulders are very flattering; as when the rest of the garment is more tailored, your hourglass figure becomes more accentuated. 

No-Makeup Makeup

No-makeup makeup is going to be one of the hottest beauty trends of 2021. And no one’s surprised. This fresh-faced minimal makeup trend has been slowly making a comeback in recent years. While a no-makeup look was at peak popularity in the 90’s, 2021 will no doubt be the year for a monumental comeback. 

With rising beauty brands- such as the social media favorite Glossier, everyone is now becoming fans of bare faced makeup. With this trend, it's easy for anyone to nail it by sticking to the beauty basics: concealer, blush, mascara, and lipstains. We get it; it's not exactly “no makeup”. However, wearing little makeup can be so beneficial. 

Makeup is notorious for leading to all sorts of skin problems, so do yourself a favor and eliminate the unnecessary stressing over makeup related breakouts with the “no-makeup makeup” look. 


We admit it; we may be a little biased towards the knitwear trends- but who isn’t? High quality knitwear pieces simply will never go out of fashion, which is all the more reason to splurge on some knitwear for 2021 right now. 

Knitwear is an essential for any wardrobe; as knit pieces can be very versatile. A trend that's emerged this past fall is the popularity of knit sweater vests- which are great for layering. Similarly, chunky knit sweaters can be worn so many ways- layered, or not. With investing in some knitwear pieces for 2021, think creatively. Knit pants and co-ord sets are- in our opinion, going to be one of the hottest trends of 2021. 

Not only is knitwear so very comfortable, knit is notoriously long lasting and, due to the structural properties of this fabric, looks very luxurious. 


Mix and Match Nails

Because when it comes to beauty trends, who wants to play it safe, right? It is time for you to branch out from the normal single-color salon manicures. 

You can start by playing around with mixing and matching your nail colors, and- once you’re feeling more confident with mixing and matching your nails, you can move on to throwing in some accent nails. If you’re looking to simply take risks with colors, try out the skittle nail trend; which is where each nail is a different color

From there, as you fall further in love with mixing and matching nails- which we’re sure you will, accent nails will become your new best friend. Now, if you want to pay a ton of money for decorative accent nails at the salon, you can do so. But, what if we told you there was another way?  

Enter the stylish, money-saving solution: press-on nails. With press-on nails, you can easily mix and match colors, styles, and accent nails- all in less than 30 minutes. Also, changing up your fake nails is much more convenient than going to the nail salon; as you cannot switch up your current salon manicure without paying for a complete new one.  

Press-on acrylic nails are perfect for switching up nail styles. With Clutch Nails sets- starting from $9.99, you can mix up some of our basic nail sets with our accent nail sets for a more fashion-forward look.  

Now that you've gotten the breakdown of the hottest trends to expect in the New Year, you're ready to make 2021 your best year yet. 

For more fashion and beauty inspiration, check out the Clutch Nails Pinterest.

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