Essential Press-on Nail Sets for the New Year

With so many nail sets to choose from, picking out new press-on nails can be overwhelming. We get it. 

Thats why we’re making it much easier for you to take your manicures to the next level with these four must-have nail sets for the new year. 

Our lips aren’t lying when we tell you there should be a special place in your beauty cabinet for this nail set. Matte nails certainly won’t be going out of style anytime soon, and burgundy is showing to be one of the most in-demand colors of 2021. Plus, this deep red shade compliments every skin color. Just see for yourself! 

We love a beauty moment just as much as you do, which is why these nails come with white lips accent nails that will surely capture your heart. 

With their glossy finish and gold accents, you might as well just label these white nails as the gold standard of press on nails. We certainly wouldn’t disagree with that. Afterall, this best selling set is a beauty staple for every nail enthusiast. Our Greek Goddess nails are stellar for everyday wear or a ritzy night out; it’s all up to you! 

For all of our coffin nail lovers; this set is the one for you. Our sugar baby set will make everyone swoon. These long coffin nails have a pink to white gradient with a glitter finish. If you’re looking for just the right combination of classy and stylish; look no further. These nails are terrific for any occasion, and their polished style makes them perfect for everyday wear.  So, for all of glitter nail fanatics, trust us, you’re not the only one.

So, you love glossy nude nails and white accents; but who says you can’t have it all? Enter Frost Bite; our extra long press-on nails with white snowflake accents. They’re our classic square shape, and with their extra long length; there’s plenty for you to love about these nails. You can mix and match accents, wear them day or night, and pick the length that’s right for you. 

Don’t like extra long nails? How about short nails? Medium length? Our nails can be easily filed down to your liking. 

Yes, you heard us right! With just a nail file or clippers, you can shorten any of our press-on nails to your liking. We aren’t lying when we tell you that extra long nails will become your newest obsession.         

Show us how you wear these nail sets and tag @clutchnails!    

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