5 Nail Colors for Winter

While we love summer nails just as much as you do, wearing summer colors during the winter months is going against all beauty laws. When it's oh so cold outside and holiday cheer is in the air; you know it’s time for you to get in with the new nails and out with the old. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the 5 ultimate nail colors that you need for winter. 


This deep red shade is well regarded as one of the most flattering colors for any skin tone; and we stand by that statement. With the changing scenery during the cold, winter months, this dark nail color provides an elegant contrast. Deeper colors are very sought-after during the winter season, so you cannot go wrong with a rich burgundy shade that is just as classy as it is alluring. 

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There are many qualities of nude nails that make them so timeless and desirable. For starters, glossy nude nails are effortlessly chic and versatile; as nude shades are a perfect finishing touch for any occasion. For those who are seeking more unique nails, nude shades pair well with accent nails and designs. 

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We know you’re thinking, “why would I wear white during winter?” Forget about the nail “rules” you think you need to follow; white is a staple nail color for the winter season. Live out your winter wonderland fantasy with crisp white nails that are just as lustrous as they are graceful. No matter the occasion, white nails are a classic beauty statement that will never die. 

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This winter season, enjoy the feeling of having all eyes on you. Afterall, black nails are very fashion-forward and will demand all the attention. When the sky is grey and snow is falling outside, go for the darkest color that adds some contrast to your look. Many people tend to favor darker colors during the cold season, so black nails are the flawless addition to any outfit- trust us. 

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We would be remiss if we didn’t cite bright red as one of the best colors for winter. Can you think of a more suitable color for the holiday season? Red is bold, flashy, and will surely turn a lot of heads. Similar to burgundy, red compliments every skin tone, and it will definitely spice up any outfit. Bold red nails are just like a bold red lip: dramatic, sexy; and they will always- no matter what, prompt awe-struck exclamations of wow, who is she?”

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