What's on Your Christmas Wishlist?

Whether you wish for a Hallmark-worthy kiss under the mistletoe or some new headphones; everyone has their own Xmas wish list. 2020 has been a crazy year, so if you haven’t thought of some stocking stuffer ideas for yourself- or loved ones, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our press-on nail sets that will bring joy to everyone this holiday season. 

At last, welcome to the stiletto press-on nails that are so bold and shiny, they make Rudolph jealous. These red holiday nails are extra long and extra glossy. Not only are these holiday nails extra glossy; they also include two different types of accent nails: red glitter nails and red and white candy cane nails! So, can you think of a better stocking stuffer gift for this holiday season? Neither can we. With these bold stiletto nails, Santa won’t need a list to know you’ve been naughty.

Who knew that glossy nude nails could be so dreamy? Our Frost Bite set is what Christmas lovers dream of. With their snowflake accent nails and their extra long length; they have a 100% chance of getting anyone in the holiday spirit. Afterall, square nails are a staple for every nail lover. So for this holiday season, we’ve got the perfect gift: the Frost Bite nail set that everyone wants waiting for them under their Christmas tree.

Your heart may be cold, but these holiday nails are super hot. Can’t pick between light blue and baby pink nails? These press-on nails give you the best of both worlds with their glossy ombré design. These pink-to-blue ombré nails have a glossy finish, and the blue accent nails have a dazzling glitter finish. Stock up on these holiday press-on nails before they run out, and we promise they’ll thaw your cold heart.

This season is all about spreading some love and holiday cheer to those around you. So for the special someone in your life, give them the gift of liberation from the nail salon.

While Christmas is all about giving to others, remember: you deserve all the holiday cheer too. When wearing our holiday press-on nails, we are confident you’ll always have a smile decorating your face. So, don’t forget to treat yourself! We’ve got just the right beauty gifts for you. 

 Deck the halls, light the tree, and ring in the holiday season with these festive nail sets you don’t want to miss out on! 

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