27 Cherry Nails That You Will Love

Cherry red is the definitive nail polish color for many young people around the world. It is the perfect mix of fun, flirty, and formal that works in almost any situation.

Today we’re taking a closer look at modern cherry nail designs that draw from the past and look to the future. 

We’re taking you on a world tour and laying out all your options for cherry red nails! Keep an open mind and maybe you’ll find a new take on an old classic.

1. Light and Bright Cherry Red

This is the most basic, fundamental cherry red nail polish you can imagine. Lighter than burgundy but darker than pink, it’s a compromise that pleases everyone.

If you don’t have a classic cherry red polish in your bag already, make a point to pick one a bottle ASAP! 

2. Cherry Spots and Polka Dots

Already have a neutral base coat you don’t want to give up? Just a dash of cherry red is all you need to brighten things up and bring a whole new look to your basic manicure.

Dip your paintbrush and get to work with polka dots of various sizes on a cream or beige background and you can achieve something spectacular.

3. Tips in the French Mani Style

The French manicure format offers so much room for originality, and cherry red tones work perfectly as an accent on the tip of any neutral tone polish.

Look for some inspiration online to guide your next cherry-coated French mani, and you’ll be excited to see all the new interpretations of this nail salon classic.

4. Red Gel on Dark Background

Cherry red doesn’t have to be the foundational layer on your manicure to make a statement. Sometimes this color is best suited to compliment a darker tone and create contrast. 

5. Realistic Cherry Art

Not ready to shoulder the burden of freestyle nail art? We’ve got your back! Our brand-new Cherry On Top set which includes some perfect cherry decal accent nails.

6. Easy Cartoon Cherries

You don’t need an art school degree to make your cartoon cherry designs on your nails. Just practice drawing some basic pictures from the web to get the hang of it.

Whip out the mini paintbrushes and get to work on some press-on nails to master the style. We recommend a light red design on a creamy neutral background tone.

7. Alternate Pink and Red

The subtle difference between cherry red and other nail polish colors may only be detectable to the trained eye, but the contrast is very noticeable when these tones are side by side.

Paint every other nail cherry-red to highlight some distinctive color schemes that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is one for the real nail polish gurus!

8. Candy Cherry Stripes

Don’t have enough cherry polish to complete the whole set? All you need to do is lay down some stripes to create a sharp contrast look with a neutral cream or beige background.

9. Stickers and Decals

Need an easy press-on solution that takes care of the stickers for you? Hop on the list to pre-order our Lips Don’t Lie nail set that matches a matte finish with long coffin nails and red lipstick decals.

10. Ombré for Cherry Lovers

Cherry is adjacent to maroon, burgundy, wine, and other romantic reds, so it makes for the perfect gradient color scheme when designing your next ombré manicure!

We prefer to leave the cherry color at the tip to provide that extra flash, but in the ombré arena, anything goes!

11. Glorious Red Glitter

Even if you have a very basic neutral manicure, a bit of cherry-red glitter can spice things up fast. Drizzle some glue here and there and toss the glitter across your nails for instant heat.

12. Cool Cherry Chrome

We know that metallic finishes are already loud, and a cherry color on top is a bit much. We don’t care! Nail art is all about expressing yourself to the fullest, so rock that cherry chrome.

13. Cupcakes with Cherries on Top

For some very sweet dessert-inspired nail designs, check out this inspo gallery from Design Press. Something is bound to catch your eye!

14. Orange and Purple Accompaniment

We tend to be single-minded when working with cherry colors, but so many other nail polishes look great alongside this classic red.

Use burnt oranges during autumn, and purples when it’s time to party. Paint every nail a distinct color to capture that full range of red.

15. Heart and Cherry Hybrids

If we were forced to pick a design that went best with cherry red (and we couldn’t pick actual cherries) it would have to be hearts.

These designs are so easy to paint, and nearly every sticker pack has at least a few to choose from.

16. Short and Simple Cherry Gel

Are you constantly annoyed by wearing long acrylic nails? Shorten things up this time around and use some cherry polish to maintain a bold look.

17. Sweet and Spicy Stilettos

Can you believe that some people have never worn stiletto-shaped nails? If you are one of those sorry souls, make it a point to grab a set of stiletto press-ons now!

18. Dark Cherry Coffins

Coffin nails are for special occasions, but when you do wear them, pick a bold, sophisticated color like dark cherry red to show that you’re the one in charge.

19. Don’t Forget Those Green Stems

Be sure to pick up a light green polish to paint those cherry stems, because it’s a crucial part of the look!

20. Iridescent Cherry

According to Glamour Mag, one of the most popular nail colors in America is iridescent cherry red, which changes its character depending on which angle you catch.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or underneath heavy nightclub lights, be sure to grab a polish that captures this chameleon vibe.

21. Rhinestone Accents on Red

Cherry red tends to steal the scene, so draw attention away from the bright colors with some subtle gems and jewels. 

Place them just above the cuticle to balance out the manicure, and you’ll look like a superstar with barely any effort.

22. Black and Cherry Contrast

Too many people view black nail polish as a once-in-a-while statement that doesn’t deserve the mainstream. We think otherwise! 

Add some cherry to the mix and you have a red-on-black design fit for the magazines. Just make sure that the base layer is dry before you add a contrasting color to the foreground. 

23. Light White Background

Cherry works well as a contrast to almost every base coat, but a pearly white background is often the best way to go if you’re just learning nail art.

You don’t need a pristine white coat by any means. Use off-color pearls or any iridescent alternative to create a canvas for your cherry red designs.

24. Minimal Cherry Touches

We are all-in on everything cherry, but sometimes just a little touch of red is all you need. We’re seeing some very cool minimal designs on the web that use just a dab of cherry red polish.

Tiny dots, stripes, and squiggles are enough to make a statement when working with a color so bold as cherry red, especially on a pearly backdrop.

25. All Nude Underneath

Tan, beige, brown, and other skin tones are the talk of the town right now, and if you’re getting bored with the status quo, add a dash of cherry red to the mix and make things interesting.

The best part about the bright red polish is that it works with almost every base coat, so go through your entire arsenal of nude tones to see what combos look best.

26. Holiday Cherry Cheer

Christmas comes once a year, but you have at least 25 days to showcase your holiday colors before the big day arrives.

Cherry red may be a bit over the top for Christmas dinner, but you can definitely pull off this color at a party or work event where the family isn’t involved.

27. Summer Cherry Chillin’

These glossy red tones look great in the summer heat when we all start to glow. Wear them short so you can play volleyball, mix drinks, and enjoy nature to the fullest.

Soak up the sun with a bright cherry polish and make the most of the summer months.


Cherry red is one of the most versatile colors in the entire nail art arsenal, so use it to your advantage and create some amazing new styles that bring you to the next level!

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