14 Cute Valentine Nail Designs for 2021

In a year like 2021, you have to take any chance you can to feel beautiful and safely celebrate. A cute Valentine nail design may be just what you need to boost your confidence and elevate your fashion. Whether you have a date or are just staying in, nail art is a simple way to make your Valentine’s Day even better.  

Nail designs are very personal and can be adjusted to match your style or whatever look that you’re going for. You can choose any of these nail designs that fit your preferences and make your Valentine’s Day epic. 

Classic French Tip

Valentine’s Day is a romantic day where you may just want to feel beautiful and classy. A classic French tip nail has been done over and over again because it is timeless and a go-to. 

This iconic look is simply a painted white tip over the free edge on your nail. The base of your nail may be painted clear or with very light pink. A great benefit is that it goes with whichever outfit you decide on and can be worn past the holiday without having to redo your nails. If you are a classic beauty, then a white French tip style may be just for you. 

Color French Tip

The colored French tip is an homage to the classic French tip that makes it a little more exciting with a pop of color. For Valentine’s Day, you might consider choosing a color like red, pink, or beige. You could also do the tip in one color and the base of your nail in a light color as well. 

A colored French tip is perfect for someone with classic style who wants to add a little bit of an edge. This is a great nail design to stand out from the crowd without adding too many design elements that may become overwhelming. 

Heart Tip

There is one more take on the French tip that takes Valentine’s Day to a whole new level. Instead of a straight line across, use the point of your nail as the point of a heart and complete the heart at the smile line of the nail. When you show your nails to others, they’ll see a cute little heart right at the tip! 


Ombre is a subtle gradient in color from light to dark. Usually, the colors are all different shades of one color. For example, a pink ombre to white is an understated ombre that goes from ballet pink to light pink and finally to white. Such a subtle gradient gives you a little bit of color and style while remaining classic. 

Ombre can even be done with more flamboyant colors like red to pink if you want to add a bit more oomph. It is truly so versatile and can be fitted to exactly what you are looking for. 

5-Finger Ombre

Instead of an ombre on one nail, you can do an “ombre” across each hand or even both hands. Use different colors, beginning from dark to light, to create a gradient change across the nails. 

If you decide to do the same color transition across each hand, you have two options. You could go from lightest to darkest from the pinky on your left hand to the thumb, and lightest to darkest from the right thumb to pinky. Another option is to mirror the pattern and do lightest to darkest from pinky to thumb on each hand. 

If you want to dial it up another notch, try a variant between different colors like red to pink or pink to purple. 


The heart have been a symbol of love since the medieval period. Since Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, it only makes sense to include it in your nail design. Hearts can be included in many ways, like only one on each finger, one on one finger, and even multiple on each finger. 

In addition to the amount of hearts, you can experiment with different styles of hearts like wispy lines, the traditional heart, or even an abstract heart. No matter which style you decide, the heart is a traditional symbol of love that can spread the reason for the season. 


Arrows are another symbol of love, thanks to Cupid’s bow and arrow. Cupid shoots his arrow, and whoever is struck will fall in love. Shoot your arrow straight into someone’s heart with this adorable nail design. 

Some ideas to try out include an arrow going through a heart, an arrow alone, the bow and arrow with cupid, and many small arrows on one nail. The arrows can also be multiple colors to add more flair. You can also always mix and match different symbols of love to cover all of your bases. 

Xs and Os

Xs and Os or hugs and kisses is a popular saying and symbol that is used to show love for another person. Sharing hugs and kisses through Xs and Os is often at the end of a letter or a text message. You can incorporate this into your nail art as another way to spread holiday cheer. 


Kisses are given at all times of the year, but especially on Valentine’s Day. Kisses and lip prints are another symbol of love that can be added to your nail art. Kiss marks are typically made in red, pink, or purple as if someone with lipstick has left a mark of their love for you. 

Our Lips Don’t Lie nails offer a fun design fit for the season. With accent kiss mark nails paired with matte deep red nails, it provides the perfect Valentine’s Day nail designs. They are also a coffin shape, so they elongate your nail while also looking natural. 

Candy Hearts Theme

If you are looking for a more unique and cute look for your nails, a candy hearts theme might be exactly what you are looking for. Candy hearts are the pastel-colored candy sweets that contain messages of endearment. 

You can take this theme literally or simply make something that is inspired by these iconic candies. A literal take on this theme is to have a candy heart on each nail with different short messages. A more abstract take would be to simply paint each nail a different pastel color corresponding with a candy heart. Stick with pastel green, purple, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. 


Glitter makes everything more fun and can add a bling factor in addition to any jewelry you may be wearing. Glitter nail designs are a flashy way to get people to notice your nails. Glitter can come in the traditional silver and gold but can also be included to any color. To stick with the season, try a pink or red glitter for Valentine’s Day. 

Glitter can also come in different sizes and shapes so that you can customize it exactly for what you are looking for. The Sugar Baby nails give a nail full of glitter that is both subtle and flashy at the same time. 

Classic Solid Color

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to nail design, so a classic solid color may be exactly what you want. For Valentine’s Day, we’re immediately drawn to pink and red, but there are some other notable colors that can be used. A nude color to match your skin tone, purple, or even a snow-white can be used for the occasion. These classic colors can be romantic and effortlessly beautiful. Choose a solid color that suits your fancy and makes you feel confident. 

Claw Nails

Valentine’s Day can be a very sexy holiday, so you may want your nails to match the occasion. Claw shaped nails hit the nail on the head (pun intended) with a sensual flair to any paint or color. The Mrs. Claws nails are traditionally a Christmas-themed nail, but the stripes and red nails can also translate to the Valentine’s Day holiday. These nails are claw-shaped with some nails that are glossy red, glitter red, and red and white stripes. You can mix and match these claw nails to create the look you desire.

No outfit is truly complete without your nails looking on point. This may look different for every person, but if you’re feeling confident in your nails, you will feel more confident overall. Choose something that you know completes your look, or go completely out of the way to try something new. In 2021 life may look different, but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice style or your happiness. 





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