How to Get Edgy Nails Like Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is known for her unusual music, and some of her most popular songs are “Ocean Eyes,” “Bad Guy,” “You Should See me in a Crown,” “My Future,” “Lovely,” and many more.  In addition to her music, she’s also known for her edgy sense of style with her oversized button-ups and sweatshirts paired with shorts and pants. She usually wears colors like black and neon green, with tons of streetwear influences. 

Paired with her fashion sense is her on-point nails, which are always edgy and ready to make a statement. If you are looking to get edgy nails like Billie, you are in the right place. 


Colors matter when it comes to appearing edgy and black is the signature look. One option is to use a solid glossy black polish or nail. A great option is a matte black polish, which ups the edge factor and leaves your nails looking a little more unique. 

Black doesn’t have to work alone, either. Because it is so neutral you are very easily able to pair it with appliques, stones, and other colors as well. 

Neon Colors

Just like in her fashion, neon is huge in Billie’s nail game. You can almost always find her with some aspect of neon yellow or green (also referred to as acid green or yellow.) This neon yellow can be a stand-alone color or incorporated into a design as a pop of color. 

You can also use other neon colors such as orange, pink, and blue. Neon colors have been popular in streetwear and fashion overall for many years, especially in the 80s and 90s, so it‘s only natural that it is included in the edgy wear of Billie Eilish.

Solid Mink

Billie Eilish can also sometimes take a break from the bold black and neons to give a tasteful solid mink color. Mink is like a tan or beige with slight mauve undertones. While this may not seem inherently edgy, mink can create a simplistic pallet to allow your hair, accessories, or outfit to steal the show. 

Your edge can come from other elements in your aesthetic, so by giving a simple nail, look you can let other areas shine. Billie sported a solid mink nail at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2019. 


Color is not the only thing that can dictate your nail style. The shape of your nail can also impact the vibe you are going for. For Billie, her signature style is a stiletto nail, also known as a claw nail or pointed nail. This nail shape is hardcore and literally looks sharp. This look originated in the 1920s by the actress Theda Bara, and has been very popular recently with music artists like Billie Eilish, Cardi B, and many others. 

Billie also incorporates some straight nail shapes as well. The straight nail is more classic and can be a better choice for you if you are not quite ready to commit to the hardcore claw nail. 


The length of a nail can change a lot about the overall demeanor of a nail. Billie Eilish typically has her nails on the longer side of things. Her nails are usually about three inches long, which is much longer than the average natural nail. 

This extra long nail trend has been going on for the past few years and can be a little impractical in everyday life. Because of this it can be helpful to use a more easily removable nail like a press on glue on nail for special occasions or events. 


Sometimes there are designs incorporated into the nail art. There are some basic designs that are considered edgy and can be configured in certain ways to appear more edgy. Some of the basic edgy designs are drips, flames, and surprisingly crystals. All of these have been seen in Billie’s nail art at some point or another, so they should be considered when planning your next nail design.


Crystals or gems are typically thought of as more feminine and girly, so it’s a bit of a surprise that they can be used in an edgy nail design. Crystals can be used in dark or neon colors for a glam twist. An all-black nail covered in black stones can be very edgy with a touch of glam. 

When Billie uses stones in her nail art they are used more sparingly. In her 2020 Oscars look Billie featured a long black nail with one crystal stone about 2 centimeters from the edge on each nail. This kept the bling minimal, but had a thoughtful design. So, you can always incorporate a little shine into even the edgiest of looks. 


This look features a dripping pattern of slime or paint and is typically painted on the nail’s edge. These drips are frequently seen in Billie’s nail as black or green, but could ultimately be painted in any color. Drips can even be used as an accent nail if you are wanting to add a little flare without looking like slime is dripping from all of your fingers. 


Flames are another theme that are frequented by the artist. Flames have also been seen in punk fashion for decades so it is only expected to see them in Billie’s repertoire. The flames are typically seen in orange, but the shape can also be used as just an outline, or in other colors as well.  


Like any hypebeast or streetwear fanatic, it is all about the brands. Showing off who you are wearing does not have to be isolated to your clothes. Using branding on your nails is a huge trend and one the Billie does very well.

On multiple occasions, Billie has represented Gucci on her nails. First, she did this with an all green Gucci nail at the Grammys in 2020. The nail was a green base covered in Gucci logos. She sported a second look of Gucci in her “Think Therefore I am” music video. This look was primary colors and included an all red nail with one blue Gucci logo on each end of the nail. 


Appliques are another way to add another dimension to the nail and increase the edginess. One of the key elements of this are chains. Small chains can be attached to the nail either by being glued on or by piercing a small hole in the tip of the nail so that it hangs off. This chain is reminiscent of the many chains that are looped to the belt loops in punk style. 

Another edgy piece to add to your nail is a stud. These can be metal or plastic and can add an extra funky element to your nails. 


Billie Eilish does not typically do camouflage in the way you would expect. Instead, she matches her nails exactly to the pattern of her outfits. One time that she did this impeccable well was for the 2020 Billboard music awards. She was wearing a green floral matching pant and blouse, but it did not stop there. Her mask, bucket hat, and nails were all the same pattern. You can achieve this same look by wearing a patterned garment and matching your nails to the outfit. 

Glow in the Dark

Not only does Billie wear a lot of neon polish, it also frequently glows in the dark. This simple

touch elevates the look and makes the nails stand out even more. When at a dark event you will not have to worry if your glow in the dark manicure will be noticed. This is the perfect edgy look for a concert, rave, or even a walk in the park. 

With all of these options, you should be ready to get the edgy nails that you have been waiting for. One final tip is that the nails do not all have to match. Sometimes the most edgy thing to do is have different designs on each finger to keep it interesting and fun. For example, you could have one finger with gems, another plain, one with flames, and two with brands. 

With Billie Eilish as a style icon for nails and outfits alike, surely there will be much more inspiration to come. When in doubt choose a look with the signature black and neon green, feature brands, and keep it minimal with the bling. 


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