Ready to Glare x Clutch Nails

Ready to Glare x Clutch Nails

We are kicking off 2021 with a bang! 

She’s one of most trusted sources for edgy fashion looks, beauty & hair inspo, and pop culture news. And at the age of 27, she has amassed over 114,000 Instagram followers, 680,000 YouTube subscribers, and 92,000 Twitter followers.

You guessed it. We’re talking about Ready to Glare. Ready to Glare (real name Giulia), known for her killer style and beauty looks, is one of the coolest, most talked about, social media stars today. 

Clutch Nails has partnered with Ready to Glare (@readytoglare on Instagram and Youtube) to bring you a nail collection like no other! 

If you’re not already obsessed with her (we are, obviously), here are a few reasons why she’ll quickly become your favorite creator. 

She’s into bold beauty looks. Her makeup looks are always amazing and totally Pinterest-board worthy. We could write a thesis on why her signature black winged eyeliner is nothing short of perfection. She will also provide you with all the hair style inspo you could ever ask for in life. Honestly, how is it that she can pull off literally any hair color? 

Ready to Glare also has one of the most enviable wardrobes on the planet. Black corsets and dresses will 100% be one your wishlist after watching just one of her YouTube videos. Not to mention, you can spend hours on her Instagram account admiring her flawless outfits inspired by some of the most beloved film & TV characters. 

But, most importantly, she's not afraid to speak her mind on her YouTube channel. In most of Ready to Glare’s YouTube videos, she gives her raw, unfiltered take on some of the biggest news at the moment. She also uses her platform to cover important social issues, which is just one of the many reasons her followers and subscribers admire her so much.

P.S. Also, Ready to Glare and her husband are absolute relationship goals. Honestly, they’re so cute together it’s insane. 

Our collection features three one-of-a-kind nail sets you won’t want to live without

Don’t believe us? 

If we wanted you to settle with just basic, lifeless nails, we would have sent you to the nail salon.

Black almond nails WITH multicolor flames? These nails should really come with a warning; because they are majorly turning up the heat. Don’t settle for your standard glossy black nails, and once you try this bold nail set, the days of dull manicures will be far behind you. 

 We would like to apologize in advance to all nail salons. 

Feeling tired of your mundane salon nails? Don’t worry, that’s just temporary. Say hello to the nail set that will command attention wherever you go. These coffin nails are multicolored, and with their eccentric patterns, we promise you’ll never find another nail set like this one. We can’t blame you if you never take these nails off.

Lime green nails with black flames and checkered accents? Yeah, we did that.  There are so many things to love about these glossy oval nails; and we would probably need a spreadsheet to list all of them. So, see for yourself how much you love these daring nails. They are impossible to ignore- trust us. 

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