Announcement: We Have a New Warehouse!


Exciting news for all of our Southern California nail lovers: we have a new warehouse!

Located in sunny San Diego, California, our new location will offer tons of perks for locals. Starting mid-October, customers will have the option of same-day pickup. You heard us right!  You can order your favorite new nail set in the morning and wear them out that night!  

Keep your eyes out for the Clutch Nails mural coming soon: you won’t want to miss it!  

We are so thrilled with the opening of our new warehouse; as this means we will have a more centralized location for sales and distribution of our products. This means we’ll be able to dedicate much more time, effort, and resources to bringing our Clutch Nails lovers sets that will make you swoon! 

Speaking of swoon-worthy sets, fall is already upon us; so treat yourself to the must-have nail sets of the season.  

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