Your Must-Have Halloween Accessory!

With Halloween just around the corner, the costume planning has begun and the search for matching nails goes right along with it. We’ve put together a list of costume inspiration that matches perfectly with our nails!

  1. Plum Purple - If you are looking to be a free spirit this Halloween, then the Plum Purple nail is for you! Some outfit ideas that match are a mermaid, a hippie,  Alice in Wonderland, a fairy or a genie!

  2. True Gray - Looking to be dark and mysterious? Our True Gray nails are perfect for you! Pair them to be a witch, a cat, a dark angel, a rock and roll chick or a secret agent!

  3. Natural Nude - keeping it simple yet chic on this spooky night? Our natural nude nails are a great accessory for these costume ideas - a cowgirl, a Starbucks cup, a bear or a deer!

  4. Pink Champagne - Let the inner girly girl in you out this season. Wear our pink champagne nails to match your ballerina, princess, unicorn, Minnie mouse or the pink girls from Grease!  

  5. Matte Light Blue - short, easy and oh so comfortable to wear! Wear these nails to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, the Cookie Monster, a butterfly, Cinderella or Belle!

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