The Perfect Festival Nails Based on Your Personality!

Spring is here and festival season is officially starting! Whoever you are during a festival, we all have one thing in common, wanting to look your best and have the time of your life. No matter what your festival style is, we have a nail that is perfect for you… read the list below! 



You love the fresh air, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the feeling of freedom. For you, festival season means frolicking through the fields and dancing till the sun goes down. You crave to fully experience every moment and rejoice in the magic of the music. Keep letting your spirit be free!

The perfect nails for you -- Plum, Pastel Perriwinkle, Pink Champagne, Natural Nude. 


The Fashionista

Your favorite part of a festival season is the fashion. Yes the music is great and the company is okay but let’s be real, this is your time to shine and really show off your impeccable style. You’ll be rocking the hottest new clothes and setting trends by yourself. You know that the festival photographers will want to take pictures of you and you're not afraid to show it off. The only downside to being this trendy? Everyone wants to borrow your clothes and be like you. Good thing imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

The perfect nails for you -- Black & Boujee, True Gray, Disco Queen, Electric Blue, Bad Barbie, Blush Coffin. 


The Hardcore Hottie 

Festival season is your marathon, you've trained and have been waiting for this ALL.YEAR.LONG. You’re most likely to be spending your day in the Sahara tent because EDM music is your favorite. You are probably the one that is running from set to set, hardcore dancing and as happy as can be. You love the large crowds, loud music and the energy of it all. 

The perfect nails for you -- Electric Blue, Disco Queen, Lavender Love, Scarlett Coffin.


The Music Master

You’ve probably complained about the lineup and think that you could have compiled something much better because you actually could have. You’re the go-to person for artist knowledge because you know about all the up and coming artists and who’s worth listening to. You’ll most likely be found camping out all day to see your favorite artist, leading the group to see the sets for the day and enjoying the reason for the season, THE MUSIC. 

The perfect nails for you  -- Breakfast at Tiffany's, Greek Goddess, Rose Gold, Slate Coffin.

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