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Fall head over heels for these three new nail sets that will have you wanting to wear chunky knit sweaters and drink pumpkin spice lattes all season long. 

Fall is many people's favorite season because it's about love, friendship, family, and comfort. Did you know many cultures celebrate fall because of the symbolism between nature and one's self? Think about it: fall is first marked when the leaves begin falling from trees; which can symbolize changes, rebirth, and new life. Thus, for many, fall can be a time for personal growth and reflection. 

When weather starts getting cooler during this season, it also marks a drastic change in fashion when compared to summer styles. Layering, warm colors, and knit fabrics shine during this season. However, don't forget that beauty products and accessories are just as essential during the autumn season. 

You’re in luck: our fall nails are available for preorder now!

This is the nail set that prompts the question: how have we lived for so long without burgundy matte nails? Not to mention, the white accent nails are decorated with tiny puckered lips. 

These long coffin shaped nails are impossible to ignore. They're sexy and alluring: the perfect fall date night look. 

Now, we know you’re going to want to just spend hours admiring these nails and snapping Instagram pictures. But, it's important to remember: these nails love to be shown off. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your girlfriends and prepare for an onslaught of “Oh my gosh I love your nails!”

Our lips aren’t lying when we tell you that these nails will be your favorite fall beauty product. 

We would need a full notebook to list all the reasons why you’re going to love these floral accented nails. 

Everyone knows that autumn fashion draws inspiration from warm earthy tones. That’s why when you think of fall fashion, warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and brown come to mind. 

So can you think of a better set for fall? These square nails are burnt orange with multicolor floral accent nails. This nail set is a beauty staple for all our bohemian and free-spirited fashion lovers. 

If we’re being honest, these are the nails that will make you wish it’s fall all year long. So let's face it: we’ll likely be wearing Flower Power in winter and spring too because we love this set that much. 

Here at Cutch Nails, we are passionate about supporting organizations that we believe in. That's why we will be donating a portion of sales on this set to a new organization every month. For the month of September, we have chosen Planned Parenthood. You can read more about how Planned Parenthood works to protect women's sexual health and reproductive rights here. 

Meet the nail set that is absolutely perfect for every woman who has thought “Wow, I love the neutral gradient nails trend, but I really don't want to spend all that money on five different nail sets!” 

Now, you can achieve this polished look with just one nail set! Yes, you heard us correct. Our fall set Throwing Shade allows you to flaunt this modern trend; as this set comes with five different neutral nail colors! 

No longer will you be wasting time and money buying five different nail polishes to execute this look. Instead, spend your time wisely by trying out new combinations with these glossy nails (and of course taking pictures, too). 

Now we’re not trying to throw shade at nail polish, but last time we checked, no nail polish gives you five stellar colors all in one. 

Fall in love with these fall nails that are available for preorder now!

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