Ultimate Thanksgiving Nail Ideas You Should Do This Next Turkey Day

It’s hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner. There’s always so much to do and so much to cross off your list. Get a turkey, make the place settings, send the dinner invites. Sometimes there’s so much to do that it seems like you don’t have time for yourself. Self-care is so important, but when you’re that busy, you probably don’t even have time to do so much as get your nails done!  This is part of what makes the holidays so stressful for some people: they don’t have any time to get things done for themselves. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to take time for yourself. 

If you really want to get your nails done but don’t have the time, then you need to try Clutch Nails press-ons. If you can spare 10 minutes, you can give yourself salon-quality nails from home. Plus, using our press-on nails will be a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.  Whether you choose our Fall colors and Thanksgiving-themed press-ons or want to attempt painting your own nails, there are a ton of options out there. There are so many creative and fun nail ideas that you can try for Thanksgiving! Press-ons are the fastest, easiest, and best option for perfect nails. But, if you’re feeling artsy and creative, don’t let us stop you! Here are some nail ideas to try for this coming Turkey Day.  


If you want something sparkly and simple, then this nail design is for you. While nail designs and fall colors are fun, these nails will take you past the holidays. They are festive but great for everyday wear. Plus, they will match any outfit, fancy or casual. Ideally, you’ll want your nails to be a bit longer for this design, but it will still work on shorter nails. 

You will simply need a clear coat and a chunky gold polish. Start by applying your clear coat, so your nails look shiny and smooth. Then, you want to create an ombre effect with the gold sparkles. At the tip of your nails, apply a heavy and thick coat of sparkles, enough that you can’t see your nails underneath. Apply more of the sparkles going towards the middle of your nail but lessening the amount of sparkle polish used. After the middle of your nail, there should be no sparkles at all.  

Gold Foil Nails

These nails are like a work of art, thanks to the addition of the gold foil. This design is elegant and understated, with an extra pop of gold. These are the perfect Turkey Day nails, but they will also work well any time during the fall season. This design is so pretty that you might be tempted to try it with other colors for other seasons. It’s definitely a design you can play around with, and there’s no set way to do it perfectly, so have fun with it. 

You will need a clear coat, an orangey-brown color, and pieces of gold foil. Start by using the clear coat as a base and paint your entire nail. Then, you will take your orange/brown color and paint about half of your nail, or slightly less, depending on your preference. Cut the gold foil into tiny chunks that are even in size, but not exactly the same. Place one piece of the cut foil onto the corner of your nail, and press down to smooth it out. Finish things off with another clear coat to seal the gold foil in and add extra shine. 

Pumpkin Pie Marble Nails

This design is really unique. It places a spin on the traditional marble nail design, which typically uses greys and blacks. Instead, it uses oranges, creams, and other fall colors to make a really cool pumpkin pie marble effect. It’s way more chic than having an actual pumpkin pie painted on your nails, but just as fun. You will need a few different colors, and the marble technique is a bit more advanced, but go for it if you have the time to try it out! 

For the colors, you will need a burnt orange, a cream, a yellow, a brown or burgundy, and gold. Start off by painting three or four of your nails with the burnt orange color. Then, you will need the other colors for your one or two accent nails. Paint that nail(s) with the cream as the base coat. Then, you will use all of the other colors for the marble effect and swirl them into the cream. The gold is optional, but it adds a really unique depth to the marble. 

Pumpkin Nails

We’ll admit, this design is not for beginners, but it sure is fun and perfect for Thanksgiving. If you don’t have a steady hand or can’t paint details on nails, then this might not be the design for you. But, with a little practice and patience, anyone should be able to pull off a version of this design. You will need a few different colors and nail painting brushes in order to create this look, which features multiple little pumpkins. 

Let’s talk colors: you’ll need cream or tan polish for the base coat and some green, white, orange, and brown paint for the pumpkin designs. You will also need a small detail brush. Start by painting your base coat on all the nails. Then, paint two to three mini pumpkins on each nail. The pumpkins can range in color from orange to white to green. After you have the basic pumpkin shape painted, go back and add some details to make it more realistic. 

Shades of Orange Nails

This is a really simple nail idea that is both cute and casual. It’s especially great if you are a fan of the color orange (if you aren’t- try this with a different color). It’s a fun take on ombre nails, because the color changes from nail to nail rather than fading from one color to another. It’s simple enough that it’s great for wearing on your nails daily, but it’s also fun enough to be a conversation starter. The orange shades are perfect for fall and even more perfect for Thanksgiving.

You will need five different shades of orange to achieve this look. Start with using the lightest color on your pinky nail. Then, work through the other shades, getting darker as you go. Then end with the darkest shade of orange on your thumb. Finish it off with a super shiny top coat.

Abstract Nails

This is a great nail design for people of all skill levels to try. You can get creative with it, and not every nail has to look exactly the same. There is lots of room for error because there is no right or wrong way to do it! If you are newer to nail art, this would be a great design for you to try. You will need five colors. These include tan, two shades of brown, white, and gold as an accent. 

Start by painting a base coat with a tan color on all your nails. Then, take the other colors and paint random stripes of color on top of the base coat. They can be super uneven and vary in size and length. Then, top everything off with some splatters of gold sparkles. It should look random and abstract but not messy. There should still be an overall look and theme, with the gold accent tying it all together. 


Personally, we love to use press-on nails for the holidays. They are easier, faster, and look professional every time. Fall is a great season to play around with dark and moody colors. Our favorite fall-themed press-ons are the Throwing Shade neutral tone nails. With this set, each nail is a different color, ranging from olive to white to black. These short and round nails are perfect for a cozy day at the apple orchard or for Thanksgiving Day itself. 

Whatever you decide to do for your Turkey Day nails, now you know you have tons of options to choose from. Whether you do it yourself or use Clutch Nails press-ons, use the ideas in this article to make sure your nails look perfectly polished and stylish. Try them out and see which is your favorite! 


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