DIY Guide to Marble Nails

Doing your own nails can be a fun activity to do at home. There are so many different patterns and designs you can try, or you can just keep it simple with your favorite color. The major positives of doing your own nails include saving you money and being able to try out different designs and techniques. One of these techniques that have gained a lot of popularity recently is the marble nail design. You probably recognize the classic black, white, and grey marble nails that started the trend. 

As the trend evolved, people started playing around with the colors used and the different techniques used to achieve the marble look. What was once reserved for professional nail artists is now a look that can be replicated from the comfort of your own home! It’s definitely not the easiest design of all time, but there’s a technique that will work for all skill levels. 

If you’re like many of us, you might not have any nail-painting abilities at all. If that’s the case, the press-on nails from Clutch Nails will be a better fit for you! Either way, the marble technique is a very cool and trendy design, and we are going to teach you how to do it yourself. 

What Are Marble Nails?

Before we get into how you actually create the marble design on your nails, let’s first talk about what exactly marble nails are. This trend has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Originally, people used a white base coat with greys and blacks for the marble effect. Now, people are experimenting with all sorts of different colors, including rainbow colors. Many people like to get the marble effect done by a professional in the salon, but it’s a look that can be achieved on your own at home as well. 

Many people compare them to tie-dye nails because of their similar color swirl technique. The main difference is the technique that is used to achieve each design. Also, tye-dye nails are fuller in color and take up more space, whereas marbled nails are daintier and show more of the white base coat. Both are really fun techniques to try, but marble is still the most popular one right now. You need a few different tools to create a marble design, which we will discuss below. 

How Do You Create The Marble Design?

There are eight items you will need to help you achieve the marbled look on your nails. These tools include a nail file, neutral base polish, three different polishes of your choice, room temperature water, a toothpick, nail polish remover, a clean-up/detail brush, and a topcoat. It might seem like a lot of tools, but we promise it isn’t that complicated. 

The interesting thing about marbled nails is that there are actually two completely different techniques that achieve the same overall design. We will outline both techniques so you can decide which one you want to try. 

Technique One: Plastic Wrap

This technique still requires all of the supplies we listed above, but instead of a cup of water, you will need some plastic wrap. Other than that, the supplies are exactly the same. You don’t need a ton of plastic wrap, just enough to scrunch into a ball. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to get to work. 

Start by taking your neutral base polish (white, black, grey, tan, etc.) and paint all of your nails. Paint two coats of this color. Take a drop of your base polish with the next lightest shade (for example, a black base color would use a dark grey color to pair it with), and press the crinkled plastic wrap into the colors. Then, take the plastic wrap and press the paint onto your nails. This will create a textured finish. 

Allow that to dry, and then you can add some details. Using your detail brush, add squiggly lines with the color of your choosing. Try and follow the texture lines that are already there. Typically you want an accent color, so if you use a black base, this color would be white, and vise versa. Next, add in detail lines with a shimmery color, following the same step. Clean up the nails, and then add your topcoat.  

Technique Two: Water In a Cup

This technique is the easier of the two options. It’s also much faster and can give you a really unique-looking marble design. If you aren’t great with a detail brush, this technique will be your new best friend. Gather the supplies we already discussed, and then set up a cup or bowl of room-temperature water. Prep your nails by removing old polish, filing, and shaping your nails however you like.

Take your base coat color and paint all of your nails. Now, it’s time to create your marble design. Take all of your polish colors and layer dots of them on top of the water, making it random and fun. Then, you will use a toothpick to gently swirl all of the colors. You can have it super swirled or barely swirled, whatever your preference is. Once you finish swirling, it’s time for the fun part. 

Take each of your fingers one by one and dip them into the color swirl. Let them sit in the paint for a few seconds before slowly removing. This will definitely get messy, but the end result is so worth it! Let the nails dry for a bit before you start the cleanup process. Use your brush to make sure the edges are neat, and use a cotton round to remove the polish from your skin. Add a top coat, and you are all finished. 

This will give you a really cool and unusual finish. Each of your nails will look different from the others, but still look cohesive. As we said, this technique is much easier to complete, so if you’ve never tried marble before, this is the best place to start. For those who are more advanced, the plastic wrap technique is a good way to add more personalized and sharper details. 

Is There An Easier Way to Do My Nails at Home?

We thought you’d never ask! Yes, there is a much easier way to do your nails at home. And, chances are, your nails will look much better if you do it this way. If we told you there was a way to get salon-quality nails at home for less than half the price of getting your nails done, you probably wouldn’t believe us. That’s because it sounds way too good to be true! 

We will let you in on a little secret: Clutch Nails is the fastest and easiest way to get perfect, beautiful nails. Our press-on nails look like real nails, but they are acrylic. And, they will stick perfectly to your natural nail with just a little bit of glue. They will also help to save you time and money, which is invaluable—no more weekly trips to the nail salon and spending over $100 a month on your nails. 

We have a ton of styles, designs, and colors for you to choose from, including the shape and length of the nail. If you are looking for a marble design, we have two options that will be perfect for you. The As If nail set has a light pink background with white, blue, and gold designs on top. The nail shape is short and round. 

You can also try our Pastel Paradise bundle, which has a unique ombre/marble design that is rainbow. It has a gorgeous coat of sparkles to top it all off. These nails are medium in length and oval in shape. 


Now you know that there are two different ways to achieve marble nails if you want to DIY! One is a beginner level, and one is more advanced, but both techniques give you an amazing design that will have people complimenting you, guaranteed. If you don’t enjoy doing your nails or just aren’t good at it, then Clutch Nails press-ons will be a much better option for you. Whether you want the marble design or something different, we have a set that’s sure to impress. Next time you want your nails done, consider trying one of the marble techniques or using our press-ons instead! 


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