How to Properly Store Your Press-on Nails

There is no quicker way to ruin your day than having to go without your favorite press-on nails because you lost them in your sea of beauty products. Our nails are reusable and can be worn up to five times, so having proper storage and organization is of paramount importance. Afterall, the last thing you want to do is to drive yourself crazy looking for your lost nails, when all along they've been collecting dust at the bottom of an unkept drawer. 

Get a Good Organizer

Simply getting a storage container isn't enough when it comes to storing your nails. Think about it: if all of your nails are thrown together in one big box, it would be exhausting having to find each individual nail. That's why you need an organizer specifically for beauty products, as they come with dividers.

 Having a grid-like container makes storing your nails easier than ever. You can keep all the nails belonging to one set together, and you can organize your nail sets by color, style, or shape. 

We recommend this pack of storage containers from Amazon. The best part is that these container have a combined total of 10 individual cubbies, so you'll have plenty of space to store your nails, nail glue, nail file, and other beauty products in it. 

Don’t want to buy an organizer? Make one yourself!

Organizing your nail products really doesn’t need to be time or money consuming. You can make a fantastic beauty organizer with items you already have at home. All you need to make an all-purpose nail organizer is a shoebox, cardboard, glue, and paint (if you’re feeling decorative).

How to make your organizer:

  1. Clean out your shoebox. If you want to make your beauty box more stylish, now is the time to paint the interior and lid. Need some inspiration? Try sticking to a color theme!
  2. Grab an old Amazon box and cut off enough cardboard to make dividers. Try to aim for having 4-5 pieces of cardboard that fit into the shoebox horizontally or vertically- it's up to you. You can estimate what the lengths of the cardboard should be, or you can use a ruler to measure the shoebox dimensions. The average shoebox dimensions are around 14 x 10 x 5 (L x W x H). 
  3. If you want to decorate your dividers, now is the time to do so. You can choose to use the same paint color as the box, or you can use a new color for some added contrast. Make sure that you give your paint time to dry before proceeding to step four.
  4. Get your glue out (a standard all-purpose glue will work fine). Place a decent amount on both edges of your cardboard dividers. We recommend creating a few smaller cubbies for the nails and one large one to hold your nail file and glue. Carefully insert at the desired position within the shoebox, and press gently for a minute to give the glue time to dry. Repeat for the other pieces. 
  5. Wait an hour for everything to dry before placing your nail products. 

Your DIY nail organizer is now all set! You’ll now have plenty of space to store all of your favorite Clutch Nails!

Ways you can organize your nails:

By color: group all the warm colors together in one section and the cool colors in another; or try arranging from light to dark!

By shape: group all your coffin, stiletto, square, oval, and round nails together based on their different shapes.

By length: arrange your nails based on how long they are so you can easily pick your set to wear based on what length you want to try out!

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