Essential Nutrients for your Nails

Keeping your nails strong and healthy is a lot more important than you may think. You use your hands for almost every daily task; so do your nails a favor and give them the proper nutrients they deserve.

Signs of Unhealthy Nails 

When your nails aren't getting the nutrients they need, it's likely that you will see it. Here are a few signs of unhealthy nails:

  • Discoloration 
  • Weak, brittle nails
  • Slow nail growth
  • Bleeding around your cuticles

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin with many antioxidant properties. This vitamin is especially effective in aiding cell growth and strengthening bones; which is why it's a necessary nutrient for nail health. 

Good sources of Vitamin A can be found in sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, milk and other dairy products 


Biotin is widely recognized as being one of the best nutrients for hair, skin, and nail health. This vitamin assists in cell growth and the metabolizing of fatty cells and glucose. When talking about your nails, Biotin is very effective in aiding your nail growth and strengthening your nails. 

Good sources of Biotin can be found in egg yolks, nuts, and dairy products.


Zinc is a nutrient that plays a very important role in the growth of cell tissue. It's commonly referred to as a beauty vitamin because of its role in maintaining the health of your skin, nails, and hair. This vitamin will keep your nails strong, while also ensuring healthy nail growth. 

Good sources of Zinc can be found in red meat, fish, and nuts.


Iron is crucial in the process of circulating oxygen throughout your bloodstream. Without sufficient iron intake, you will notice your nails may take on an abnormal shape; such as curving inwards. 

Good sources of Iron can be found in meat, legumes, and leafy greens. 


Protein is easily one of the most essential nutrients for your nails; as your nails are made of Keratin- a fibrous structural protein. Having a healthy protein intake is paramount. Protein is what gives your nails their resilience and strength: two qualities that protect them against damage. 

Good sources of protein can be found in meat, fish, dairy, and nuts. 

These nutrients can fortunately be found in many foods already apart of your diet! 

For those of you looking to ensure your nails are in good condition, making simple changes with your nutritional intake can have a great impact on the overall health, strength, and resilience of your fingernails. 

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