31 Halloween Nail Designs: Stay BOOtiful

Is there a better holiday to showcase funky nail art than Halloween?

This is your best opportunity of the year to show the world your nail art skills, and rock some spooky designs that also look flirty and fun.

Let’s check out 31 Halloween nail designs that will last you throughout October.

1. Jagged Jack O'Lanterns

You may not have the time for pumpkin carving this year, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the mess of pumpkin guts everywhere.

The next best thing? Pain some orange jack o’lanterns on your jet-black nails and show everyone you’re in the spooky spirit.

2. Creepy Cobwebs

New to the nail art scene? Cobwebs are a super easy design to pull off, and all you need is basic black and white polishes. 

No need to paint an intricate spider web - just a few simple lines are enough to make the point!

3. Agreeable Ghosts

Ghosts get a bad reputation, sometimes. Some just want to be your friend! This page from Oprah Mag shows some nice, cute ghosts to put on your nails this October.

You can paint your ghosts with little smiley faces to let everyone know they’re friendly.

4. Good Old Gourds

You can paint your nails with pumpkins and not worry about causing a fright. Regular pumpkin patterns are totally acceptable and cute, so you don’t have to be scary 24/7!

Sometimes those winter squash varieties have cute patterns you can replicate on your nails as well, so keep your eyes open for inspiration at the farmers market. 

5. Haunted Houses

Who doesn’t love a good scare at a haunted house? These creaky, creepy structures make for great design elements on dark nail backgrounds. They can be found in many sticker packs.

6. Candy Wrappers and Treats

Everyone has a favorite Halloween candy, and the colorful wrappers offer easy inspiration for nail art this time of year. Just study the package and paint it to the best of your ability.

Start simple with some M&Ms then graduate to more intricate designs.

7. Drops of Blooood

Need a quick and simple design for an upcoming party? A few drops of red polish on neutral nail polish can give you a bloodthirsty look without much effort. Aim for that teardrop shape.

8. Spooky Spiders

Spiders can be genuinely terrifying, but you can paint some cute 8-legged characters on your nails by copying designs from the internet. Include some spindly webs for bonus points.

9. Mismatched Orange, Black, and White

You don’t need intricate designs to bring the Halloween fun during October. Just mix and match your favorite fall colors and make a more subtle statement. We like bright oranges mixed with neutral tones to create this effect.

10. Slithering Snakes

Some people keep snakes as pets, other people think they are the scariest creatures on planet earth. Regardless of how you feel, they make for cool and easy nail art designs.

Green, orange, or red snakes can quickly be added to any neutral backdrop with some quick squiggles and dots.

11. Toothless Ghouls

Mini bedsheet style ghosts are cute and super simple to paint on your nails. Plus they look great with a glossy finish and a dash of sparkles.

Need some inspiration for this design? Check out the classic ghouls of Pac-Man!

12. Eyeballs that See All

Googly eye stickers are a Halloween classic, but you can up the ante by drawing some more detailed eyes with various colors and shadows. 

Go for the classic cartoon style or try occult Ouija-board design for a more intricate take.

13. Horror Movie Homage

Freddie, Jason, Michael Myers, and other nightmare-inducing characters all come to mind this time of year. Instead of looking under your bed, paint your nails to honor these killers in style

Trust us, you’ll be less afraid once you make them part of your wardrobe.

14. Big Gems and Jewels

Halloween is your chance to design your nails like a fortune teller and stick on those larger-than-life gemstones you’d otherwise avoid. Pearls, emeralds, rubies, and more!

You don’t need to cover every nail with gems. Use them sparingly and you’ll still look glamorous for the upcoming parties.

15. Witch Hats and Brooms

Those pointy hats and crooked broomsticks invoke fun and spooky vibe, and they’re easy to draw. Take inspiration from your favorite cartoon or storybook to get the right design.

Level up this design with some gnarly green nosed witches with warts and missing teeth!

16. Melting Candles

There’s something very eerie about a melting candle in a dark room. Time is running out! Capture the tension by painting a candle at the end of its wick on some dark nails.

This classic design can be done with just a couple of colors and a steady hand.

17. Long, Creepy Coffins

If you’ve never worn coffin-shaped nails before, this is your chance! They’re long, strong, and have a very elegant shape with a square tip. Perfect for painting whatever designs you wish.

We recommend grabbing some press-on coffins if you’re a beginner to this style.

18. Skulls and Skeletons

What’s more classic than some rattling bones? Skulls can be found in Halloween sticker packs everywhere, and you can even learn to paint them yourself.

19. Classic Candy Corn

Ever noticed that your nails are basically the shape of candy corn? Layer orange, yellow, and white and you’ve achieved a simple and cute candy corn design.

20. Ruby Reds and Maroons

Don’t let black and orange polish distract you from other great Halloween colors like dark red. You can wear burgundies, wines, and maroons in the workplace while still paying tribute to the holiday vibes.

21. Gummi Worm Rainbows

Feel like adding a psychedelic twist to your Halloween nail styles? Gummi worms are just the thing. You can use any neon colors you want, and toss some glitter in there for good measure.

22. All About Aliens

According to Elle, aliens count as a Halloween theme, and we agree. We like the cartoon-style extraterrestrials with big eyes and teardrop-shaped heads, but you can put your twist on these visitors from distant worlds.

23. Beautiful Bats

Have some extra space on your nails and don’t know how to fill it? Some tiny flapping bats are your answer. These take seconds to paint on and look great no matter your skill level.

24. Freaky Frankensteins

Is he the most famous monster of all time? Give old Frankenstein some love by drawing his big ugly face on one of your black accent nails this Halloween. Don’t forget the bolts for ears!

25. Neon Green Creepers

Out of stickers and ideas for freehand designs? Neon green is a great backup plan since the bright glowing colors are creepy enough on their own. If you can find glow-in-the-dark polish, even better.

26. Terrifying Tarot Cards

Not all of us wish to see into the future, but if you dabble in the clairvoyant, tarot card designs may be a good option for your Halloween nail art routine. Plus, they look super cool!

27. Cat-Scratch Fever

Cat culture has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years, and these felines have made their way into many Instagram nail posts.

When Halloween comes around, make sure to stick on some spooky black cats and show your appreciation for these furry friends.

28. Thunder, Lightning and Rain

It wouldn’t be a real Halloween season without some spooky storms to keep you up at night. You can represent lighting bolts, thunderclouds, and ragings winds on your nails, too.

29. Howling Wolves

Every classic Halloween song features a lone wolf howling. It’s a sound that just rings in this spooky season! Paint a wolf on your nails this year and don’t forget that full moon.

30. Sharp Stiletto Silhouettes

If you aren’t quite ready to rock those coffin nails, stilettos are your next best bet. You can wear them a bit shorter and still look like a Halloween Queen!

31. Fearless Nude Neutrals

Some say that the mark of the beast is no mark at all! The creepiest costumes always border on reality and bring on the terror. Sometimes neutral polishes are all you need to spook your friends and fam.


Halloween is your excuse to freak everyone out and try styles you would otherwise consider inappropriate. 

We recommend ramping up the creepiness throughout October until it all culminates on Halloween night! Stay tuned to our Instagram page to keep the inspiration flowing throughout the holiday season.



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