23 Beautiful Ombré Nail Designs That Look Amazing

You’ve probably caught on to the ombré craze in the world of hairstyling and design in general. It means “shaded” in French, and refers to the blending of one color to another.

We are huge fans of the look on nail art since it looks great with nearly every mix of colors, nail shapes, and finishes. Let’s talk about 23 ombré nails you’ll want to try out this year.

1. Basic Black to White

Black and white are a good starting point to emphasize how ombré works. Generally, you start with black at the roots and it lightens up toward the tips.

Around the middle of the nail is where the change starts to take place, and each nail has a unique look based on its shape. This is a basic but beautiful look, to begin with!

2. Metallic Encore

We usually think of metallic finishes as a one-tone affair, but that doesn’t have to be the case! You can pull off a gradient of two or more colors for a shiny ombré effect.

Stick with lighter colors like pink, peach, and champagne to make the most of the shimmering chrome and keep your shine one.

3. Step it Up, Cherry Red

There’s never a bad time for cherry red nails, especially if you have a lighter (or darker) hue to work with. 

Create a sleek gradient looks by matching cherry with a pink or orange creamsicle color. You can also opt for umber or burgundy for a rich and romantic ombré design.

4. A Lick of Lilac

Purple is one of the best base colors for ombré because you can go in so many directions. We like beginning with a royal purple on the lower half of the nail and finishing with lilac.

You can also morph that pretty purple into a lighter shade of blue, or darken things down into a richer red tone for a very bold look.

5. Pearly Whites

As you may have noticed, there are thousands of different white nail polishes available, and no two are exactly alike!

Take advantage of these subtle differences in hue to make some exciting off-white ombré creations, using a glossy finish to emphasize the gradient. Great for summer looks.

6. Good Day, Sunshine

With the right colors and gradients, you can achieve some stellar designs that replicate natural phenomena like sunrises and sunsets. 

We like to lay down a light orange at the base of the nail and finish with a bright yellow burst up top, making it look like a solar flare on your fingertips all day long! Try it out yourself.

7. Seeing Stars at Night

Need a last-minute ombré for a big night out? Our popular Starlite press-on set captures that starry sky looks that everyone will envy.

It’s a purple to black gradient with just the right amount of sparkles and a bold coffin shape.

8. Glitter Deja Vu

Since ombré nails have such unique color schemes, you don’t need a lot of glitter to make a statement. Just a little bit sprinkled on the tips of your nails is more than enough! 

Best of all, this effect works on nearly every color combo you can think up. Refinery29 suggested you check out the Instagram tag #GlitterOmbreNails for some extra inspo.

9. Icy Cold Tips

Want to give your nails that cool frozen look? Pick a dark and a light blue and create a gradient for an ice-cold effect. Finish it off with a pinch of glitter to achieve a frost-bitten feel.

This is a great option for a winter gala or new year’s party.

10. Orange You Glad

Dark orange is a very underrated nail polish color, and a gradient effect looks super cool if you need a new look for fall.

We like to finish the top of the nail with a light peach color that will pop with a warm flannel on campus when school starts back up.

11. Light Greens and Forest

Your nails can mimic the beautiful greens of nature during springtime if you select the right mix of colors. 

Use your favorite dark forest green and have it blend into something light and fresh. It will look like you truly have a green thumb!

12. Shades of Nude

Have way too many neutral polishes in your cabinet, and not sure how to use them? Try out an ombré effect by mixing and matching the colors you already have in store.

You’ll be surprised how well these colors work together for a subtle nude gradient.

13. Extra Length

Ombré nails tend to make your nails look longer than usual since the gradients have a natural lengthening visual effect.

But if you opt for a longer acrylic manicure, you can achieve some amazing triple-decker ombré patterns that look straight out of a magazine! We like stilettos and squared ovals to achieve these advanced looks.

14. From Pink to White

We love the hard-candy look and feel of a pristine gel manicure, and there’s no better color combo to emphasize this effect than a pink to white ombré.

Need a recommendation? Our best-selling Pink Ombré set is the definitive press-on nails for this category, morphing light pink into a creamy white tip. Plus, the coffin shape is super bold!

15. Feeling Grey

On those rainy days, you may not need eye-popping colors, but you can still use grayscale gradients to accomplish a very sleek look.

If you have matte grey polish, even better! You have an industrial ombré look that will have everyone dishing out compliments.

Remember, ombré doesn’t have to be ultra-flashy, so try out some more subtle designs.

16. Flames on Fingertips

Typically, you want to limit your use of decals and stickers to show off those color gradients without distraction. But we’ll make an exception for flame effects because they look so hot!

Fiery tips are in vogue right now, and if you have long nails, they can emphasize your ombré patterns with a flaming finish. Pick out a pack of stickers and flame on.

17. Baby Blue to Navy

We don’t see nearly enough love for navy blue in the nail art community, which is why you need a new excuse to try this color. 

Create a dark base layer of navy or royal blue at the bottom of each nail and have it blend into a sky blue or baby blue toward the top. The perfect call for a formal event or family occasion. 

18. Chrome Finish Tips

When the sunlight hits your chrome ombré nails, they take on a whole new look. You and your friends will be mesmerized by the iridescent effect of chrome finish color gradients.

Pick out some bright pinks, greens, or cherry reds to make the most of this dynamic. 

19. Red Wine from the Vine

Red nails always inspire passion, especially when you mix two of your favorite reds. 

Trendspotter suggested you test out your favorite red wine colors with fire engine red to ramp up the romantic look. Use the reds you have in stock or pick up some new ones!

20. French to Finish the Job

According to Cosmo, the French fade effect is a very popular look at the moment. You probably already have the colors you need to make it happen!

Start with a basic neutral color and gradually fade into something lighter and brighter. It’s like a classic French manicure, but with a less distinctive line at the top.

21. Somewhere Short of Neon

Putting together a hot new look for a music festival or rave? You’re going to need some neon ombré nails, ASAP.

These bright color gradients and neons are going to make heads spin on the dance floor. Just be warned - they may be a bit much for the classroom or office!

22. Open Up the Crypt with Coffins

Almond-shaped nails and squared ovals are nice and all, but coffin nails steal the show when it comes to putting ombré on full display.

If you’ve never tried coffin nails before, select a press-on set with ombré gradients and make you feel like royalty! Just take some time to get used to those new talons.

23. Create Your Very Own

You’ve probably caught on to the hidden advantage of ombré nails - you really can’t go wrong with any color combo or finish. 

The next time you’re at the salon or doing home manis with your friends, test out a brand new ombré color scheme, and enjoy your signature gradient creation!


Need some more Instagram inspiration or want to browse some sweet press-on nail sets? Stay tuned to our site for new product releases all the time.





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