25 Christmas Nail Ideas: Perfect for the Holidays

Christmas is one of the world’s most beloved holidays, with families gathering and presents waiting under the tree.

It’s also the perfect occasion to try some festive nail art. For each of the 25 days of Christmas, we’re giving you a different nail design to try! Let’s check them out.

1. Wreaths for Everyone

A decorative wreath on the front door signals to everyone in the neighborhood that the holidays are here, and you can make the same statement by painting a green wreath on your accent nail.

Include some multi-colored Christmas lights for more flavor, or keep it plain and simple. If the design is too complex to paint freehand, grab a pack of stickers to do the job.

2. Cartoon Classics

Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, or Charlie Brown and the Gang? 

Everyone has their preferred Xmas cartoon character, and you can adorn your nails with their faces to share your favorite.

3. All-Out on Ornaments

Decorating the tree is one of the best parts of the Christmas tradition, and the gorgeous ornaments that hang from the branches can also decorate your nails this season.

Delicate gold and silver spheres can be achieved with some sticky polish and a dash of glitter.

4. Rudolph’s Red Nose

Don’t think we forgot about this little guy who guided Santa’s sleigh! Rudolph’s red nose is a great addition to your Christmas cartoon nail art. The other reindeers just don’t get it.

Draw Rudolph solo on an accent nail or paint him and his whole crew across all ten nails. 

5. Gotta Have the Mistletoe

If you’re looking for some holiday romance, be sure to paint at least one nail with a branch of mistletoe and cross your fingers for a kiss from that special someone.

6. Jingle Bells

That definitive jingling sound from every famous Christmas song can’t be forgotten, and a pair of silver bells are a great visual feature for your next holiday nail set.

Throw a ribbon on top and a forest green border, and you have a beautiful design.

7. Elves at Work

Give Santa’s little helpers the recognition they deserve. It’s tough to work up there at the North Pole, so grab a pack of Xmas stickers and put an elf or two on your nails this year.

8. Tall Triangular Trees

If you’ve never picked out a Christmas tree from the farm, you’re missing out. You have to spend at least an hour walking around the lot and select the perfect one!

Luckily, painting a green pine tree on your nails is not as time-consuming. Plus you don’t need to tie a huge tree on top of your car.

9. Candy Cane Creations

They may not taste as good as chocolate, but you have to admit that candy canes look super cool. Red and white diagonal stripes are a classic Xmas nail design you have to try at least once. 

This post from For Creative Juice offered up plenty of design ideas that you can use for inspiration. They’re easy to execute and look fabulous with a shiny finish.

10. Santa is Coming to Town

You have to show love to the big man himself! The red hat, the big beard, the rosy cheeks, it’s all part of the look. Paint Santa yourself this year, or use some decals to save time. 

11. For the Love of Food

Everyone packs on a few pounds over Christmas break, but it’s forgivable. Roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes, and tons of other delicious sides. Plus dessert!

Have a favorite Christmas dish? Represent your love for food by painting some tasty-looking designs on your nails, and wear them to dinner with the fam.

12. Powder Blue

Bright blue is not typically part of the Christmas color scheme, but we think it works well with the general wintry theme. 

Add some snowy sparkles to your powder blue nail polish for a frosty look this holiday.

13. Minty Fresh Manicure

Mint green never seems to get the appreciation it deserves, which is why we’re giving it some attention this Christmas. 

The polish looks amazing with a glossy finish and complements a green sweater very nicely.

14. With a Bow On Top

Wrapping presents is a gift only blessed to some of us, but we can all enjoy perfectly-wrapped gift box designs on our nails. Close enough!

Seeing little gifts on each nail is super cute and keeps the anticipation high for Christmas morning. Paint them in all colors, shapes, and sizes for the best effect.

15. Snowballs!

Getting in a snowball fight is a blast until you get blasted in the face. If you want to avoid cold combat in the front yard this year, stick to the nail art and paint mini snowballs instead.

Use a baby blue background to set the scene, then paint circular snowballs with mini streaks to indicate high speeds!

16. Nutcracker Nails

The catchy tunes from this classic Christmas opera will never be outmatched, and you can show your love for the Nutcracker by painting the signature character on your nails.

If you can find a Nutcracker sticker pack with all the characters, that’s major bonus points.

17. Multicolored Metallic Accents

Is Christmas chrome a thing? Now it is! Metallic nails work year-round, just pick the colors that fit the scenario best. For this season, we recommend deep reds and greens, obviously.

Chrome nails don’t have to be super flashy - you can keep them short and sweet as well.

18. Pine-Tree Greens

Deep forest green is the ultimate Christmas color alongside ruby red, and there are countless ways to wear it. Matte green, glowing acrylics and glistening glitter. It’s all good.

This article from Country Living compiles many different green stylings and extra designs you can wear this holiday season.

19. Starry Silent Night

All is quiet on Christmas eve, and the stars in the sky are a sight to behold! Channel the poetic and peaceful moments of the holidays by wearing some stars on a dark nail polish background.

We have the perfect press-on set to fit this category, and you can apply them in a flash to get ready for any holiday party at the last minute.

20. Champagne-Inspired Sparkles

Some of us need a little help from the old champagne bottle to get through another family Christmas gathering, and you can show your love for the bubbly with a fresh sparkly manicure.

Nude and neutral tones are a great first layer, then go wild with gold foil or silver sparkles to replicate the look of that fancy label.

21. Ruby Red Base Coats

If you’re all out of options and Christmas is right around the corner, you can’t go wrong with ruby red. Treat yourself to an acrylic manicure to make sure those red nails last all season!

Feeling extra bold this year? Opt for a long stiletto or coffin nail shape and get ready for a ton of compliments from friends and family.

22. Yuletide Jewels

We break out our best bling to wear around the holidays, so it makes sense to add a few gems and jewels to the mix when designing our Christmas nail art.

Use mini pearls, rubies, and crystals to adorn your manicure and give those holiday lights a run for their money. These don’t have to be pricey and are easy to apply. 

23. Cupcakes and Other Sweets

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows Christmas is a tempting time, but you don’t have to add calories to your diet with cupcake nail art!

Paint some sweet treats on your next manicure or stick with the decals. It will help get you in the holiday spirit.

24. Rep the Religion

If you and your family are into the religious side of Christmas, use this opportunity to showcase some crosses and other symbols that speak to you on a deep level.

You can find sticker packs to express these ideas or take the DIY route for more originality!

25. Silver Streaks and Sparkles

This comprehensive collection of Christmas nail art from Allure showed off a ton of high-level silver nail designs for the holidays.

Some of these nails look fancier than the jewelry on our fingers and wrists! Take some inspiration from the pros and see how you can use silver to your advantage.


Maybe you don’t look forward to Christmas as much as you used to, but hopefully, these nail art ideas will give you something to get excited about this year!

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