21 New Years Nail Designs That Scream 2021

The biggest parties of the year take place on the night of December 31st and go all night to the early hours of the new year.

There’s no question you’re going to indulge in a high-quality manicure to look your best for the occasion, but now the question is, what will it be?

From simple polishes to shapely acrylics and luxurious gels, you’ve got a ton of options. Let’s check out the 21 best nail designs for the New Year 2021!

1. Glitter and Glam

Nothing says new year quite like glitter. Whether it’s silver, gold, multicolored, or any other variation, you need at least a bit of glitter involved in your outfit, makeup, or nails.

No need to douse everything in sight with the loudest glitter you can find. Use it minimally in streaks, clusters, or tips on just a few accent nails for a very classy look.

You’ll probably be rocking your finest bling on New Year’s Eve, so use sparkles sparingly.

2. Black with Gold Accents

Aim for elegance when bringing in the new year! Dark nails with some well-placed gold foil is a great match for anyone planning to wear a black dress or an otherwise minimal outfit.

Pick your favorite dark polish (does not have to be jet-black) and cut out some simple shapes from gold foil to create a very sharp and sexy contrast. 

Wear your favorite rings and bracelets to complete this glamorous look.

3. Fun Lettering

Spell out the new year with 2021 on your nails to match the mood and get everyone amped for the midnight uproar. 

Lettering is easy to execute if you pick up a sticker pack, or you can paint your messages if you have an artistic streak.

Come up with your unique font and use a distinctive color scheme to make this a memorable night.

4. New Years Jewels


Mini gems are more in vogue than big and bulky jewels and pearls, so be sure to pick some subtle stones when crafting your ideal new year's manicure

Don’t feel like doing any hands-on decorating this year? Let us handle the details with a pre-made press-on set like High Maintenance, one of our best sellers. 


5. Emerald Envy

Glitzy green nails are a great way to signify new beginnings, and you’ll stand out of the crowd when you wave your glossy emerald fingers in the air at midnight.

Wear them short, long, or with stiletto tips - the choice is yours! Spruce them up with some extra sparkles to make a major new year’s statement.

6. Crazy Confetti

We’ll pass on the confetti bombs this new year, especially if we’re hosting the party. It could be months until we find all those little pieces!

Luckily you can still bring the fun with confetti-inspired nail designs, which capture the colorful chaos without making a mess.

The best part of confetti nails is that the randomness of the material does most of the work for you. Just lay down a sticky base coat of your choosing and let the confetti make the design for you. Perfect for anyone looking for a speedy simple solution.

7. Star Studded

Any celebration is worthy of a star-coated manicure, and we expect to see a lot of sparkling stars at our new year’s party this time around.

Your stars can be any size, style, or color - no rules apply! Add some glitter to the mix to make them pop, as seen in Glam Advice

8. Very Cherry Red

If you’re looking to bring some new year’s romance into your life, cherry red nails are going to help your cause. Wear them long or short, just make sure they’re extra shiny for the celebration.

Cherry gel also provides a stellar base layer for any other design choices you have in mind. White polka dots and stripes are a perennial favorite for their eye-catching contrast effect.

9. No-Lie Lilac

Not ready for a deep purple manicure? We understand, and lilac is a great stepping stone.

We love lilac pastel polish, but if you don’t want to invest in a whole bottle, try some press-ons!

Our current favorite set in this category is Euphoria, which features a lilac base with subtle silver stars. The long stiletto shape will help you make a bold statement as well.

10. Thin Strips of Gold

Want to feel like a celebrity at your new year’s get-together? Include a pinch of gold in your manicure design and watch heads turn from everyone at the party.

Gold foil is your best friend when crafting custom patterns, giving you easy access to vertical stripes, gold tips, and everything in between. Good Housekeeping showed a few cute and easy designs using foil.

Be sure to wear your best gold rings and bracelets to the party if you want all eyes on you!

11. Tantalizing Tans

You’ll be seeing a lot of sparkles at your new year’s party, so you can separate yourself from the pack with some low-key tans and beige tones that still look stunning.

This image collection from Nail Art Designs showcases a lot of neutral-color nude looks that look great on their own, or with some sassy stickers layered on an accent nail.

12. Royal Purple

Something about purple nail polish just makes us feel like we deserve the royal treatment. This color takes confidence to pull off, and earns plenty of compliments when done right.

If you’ve never tried a purple nail design before, this is the night to try. Start the year on the right foot by getting out of the comfort zone and impressing the whole party.

13. Celebration Chrome

Metallic nail finishes may not be an everyday thing, so they’re perfect for a once-a-year party! Chrome looks amazing in the evening, with cameras flashing and decorations everywhere.

If you choose a chrome finish, there’s no need to go crazy on the designs, either. The shiny coat will make the statement for you.

Have your nail tech use some premium metallic polish to achieve the look, or stick with press-ons if you just want a one-night thing.

14. All-Night Ombré

When the clock turns midnight, it’s time to turn over a new leaf! Well, maybe tomorrow when you wake up. In the meantime, watch your nails change color from bottom to top with some sleek ombré styles.

These purple-to-black Starlite nails are an excellent new year’s pick, with a long coffin shape that will compliment any black dress and jewelry combo.

15. Champagne Shine

Who doesn’t love popping bottles on new year’s eve! When that clock strikes 12, be ready to let the corks fly. 

You can capture the champagne look with a light nude manicure, with a few sparkles in the mix for good measure. A bit of gold foil will also help your nails look like a fine bottle of bubbly. Wear them responsibly!

16. Stars on the Night Sky

You can even include a few streaks to achieve that awesome shooting star effect. It’s like wearing the night sky on your fingertips!

17. Midnight Maroons

If you seek a sophisticated manicure this new year’s, maroon is your go-to color. These polishes don’t require any extra gloss, glitter, or layers of gel. They are bold enough to hold their own!

Not feeling the dark, rich maroon look? There are many other reds in this category, such as burgundy, that have a lighter touch and match with various outfits.

18. Party-Time Pinks

If you’re like us, you have about a thousand different pink polishes in the repertoire. Pick the most fun and flirty one for new year’s eve and lay down two clean coats!

This year, light and bright pinks are in, meaning you don’t have to overload your nails with color. Treat yourself to a new bottle of polish if you must!

19. Best Year Ever Blue


Powder blue nails capture that wintry feel at new year’s eve, where you may be bundled up to brave the cold outdoors.

If you want to go darker, navy blue is always on the table. We love the contrast of light glitter on the dark blue backdrop, which is a favorite on the upper-tier party scene.

20. New Years Neutrals

Want to keep it low-key this new year? Paint with some basic neutral tones and sit back while your friends make a scene. No need to draw too much attention to yourself!


21. Super Pretty Press-Ons

Is the party tonight and you need a last-minute manicure? Have no fear, press-on nails are here. Save the day with a quality press-on nail set that only takes 10 minutes to apply.

You can wear them for over a week, or take them off easily the next day.


This magical night only happens once a year, so make it count with some over-the-top nail designs!


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