This Is Why Acrylic Nails Are Not Worth It

Showing off your long, beautiful nails is probably one of life’s best moments. Even holding your coffee cup suddenly becomes Instagram-worthy. Acrylic nails look great on your hands, but are they really worth it?

I know you’re obsessed with them, but it’s my duty as a woman to share with you the ugly truth and give you an amazing way to get acrylic-looking nails without any of the pitfalls! You’ll thank me later.

They Are Expensive

Call me captain obvious, but acrylic nails can get put a dent in your wallet. If you’re a fan then you know it’s not just a one time fee. The upkeep can add up and cost you a pretty penny. One of my closest friends spends $100 every two to three weeks on them. That’s $1,733 to $2,600 a year! Not all nail salons are the same, which means not all are that expensive, but I could think of so many other things I could spend that on.

The Whole Process Sucks

Getting them on is an intense process, especially if it’s your first time. The manicurist sands the majority of your natural nail with a drill — think veneers for your nails. It’s so damaging to your natural nail, it’s pretty much guaranteeing that you won’t be able to go without acrylics again (see: “They are Expensive”). Also, your cuticles and skin get torn in the process. If they have a rough hand or are not careful enough, there might even be blood.

Your Hands Are Rendered Useless

Forget about typing, dialing, texting, or even wiping! The longer the nails the more useless your hands will be. Menial tasks become extraordinarily difficult. Isn’t life hard enough? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Oh, you can definitely say bye to opening soda cans and picking up lucky pennies!

They Are Unsanitary

No matter what you do, everything will get stuck under your nails. From food to foundation, you will have a weird amount of mixed gunk under there. It will get gross and time consuming to clean.

They Are Painful

If you’re not careful — or even if you are — your nails will get caught on everything! It’s so easy to forget about how long your stiletto nails are, which leads to painful and bloody injuries. Whether you’re picking something up or slamming a door, long nails make it easier for your fingers to get crushed. I promise you, it will hurt and it will look ugly. It’s a lose-lose situation.

They Break Easily

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to forget about your long nails. However, even the most careful girls have experienced broken acrylics and even the toughest girls have cried over the insane amount of pain. Some salons will fix your broken nail for free, but who has the time to go back… Did I mention the pain?

Say hello to wearing band-aids until your next fill.

They Are Harmful

We all knew this one was coming… Not only are acrylic nails a hassle or painful, but they are extremely damaging as well. From infections to fungus, and possible nail loss the dangers associated with fake nails are wide. They can create inflamed cuticles, cause splitting, or prevent natural nail growth. They often weaken your nails, making them prone to breakage.

Acrylic Nails Need To Go!

Clutch Nails look just like acrylics and you can take them off and put them on for when you actually want them. Do you really need glam nails when you’re doing laundry or at the gym? I don’t think so. They are long-lasting without causing any harm to your natural nails. Clutch Nails are the perfect way to get your acrylic fix without all the negative drawbacks.

Ditch the acrylics, try Clutch instead!

These high quality, stylish sets have all the charm of acrylics without all the hassle. 

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