4 Colorful Spring Nail Designs

Spring has finally sprung, and we couldn’t be happier. Besides the allergies (hello, pollen), it’s arguably the best season. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt, or jeans and a jacket because the temperature is so perfectly in-between hot and cold. Plus, who doesn’t love all of the spring colors? Pastels and bold and bright colors are in, dark and dreary colors are out. 

If you’re like us, then you probably love to have your nails done. There’s something about having perfectly polished and manicured nails that makes you feel more put together. It’s also just so fun to look at your nails and see something cheery to brighten your day. Plus, spring is the perfect time to play around with matching your nails to your outfits. It’s also the perfect time to try out floral nail art and designs. 

Whether you do your nails yourself or you like to get them done, there are countless spring-themed nails that you can try. Now is an excellent time to try a new color or add some fun designs that you wouldn’t normally have on your nails. If you are stuck on ideas, don’t fret. We’ve compiled a list of fresh and fun ideas for you to try on your nails. Keep reading for some colorful spring nail design inspiration! 

1. Dots on Dots on Dots

If you love polka dots but want to try something different, this design is for you. It’s super simple to do, so you can definitely do it yourself at home. You can also play around with this design and make it your own. It is both abstract and chic looking, yet very easy to do. You will need three nail polish colors and a dot-tip tool to create this look. 

We recommend using some metallic colors paired with a base color, but it’s up to you. Decide on the placement of where you want the dots; three groups will look best and balanced. In each spot, use your dot tool to make a small dot of each color to create an overlapping trio of dots. You can also try two groups of dots, one on the top and one on the bottom of your nails. The background of your nails can just be a simple, clear coat. 

2. Playing With Shades

If you have a favorite color, then you are going to love this fun and modern design. This design will take a little bit of work to get just right, so you might want to have your nail tech attempt this one. Choose a color such as pink or purple. Make sure you have multiple different shades of this color; we’d say at least four will be good, but you can do more. You should also decide if you want to make the squares random or the same format on each nail. 

Start by painting a base shade of the color. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, so you can choose any color to start. After that dries, you can start blocking out different sizes (or the same, depending on your preference) of squares. Use your other colors to paint squares and rectangles on top of the base color (making sure that color shows through somewhere). The end result will be a cool and geometric design.  

3. Fun Florals

Our spring nail design list wouldn’t be complete without a floral design! The great thing about florals is that you can literally do any flower you want. You can decide on the color combination, how many flowers to paint, and where you want them. For this design, we suggest painting some delicate daisies to help ring in spring. You will need two colors, including white and yellow, along with a clear coat.

You should also have a thin detail brush on hand to paint these daisies. Start by deciding how many daisies you want to have on each nail. You can have the same amount or have it vary from nail to nail. Take your yellow polish and make tiny yellow dots in each spot where you want a daisy to be. Then take your detail brush and paint thin white lines stemming from each yellow dot. You should have a bunch of delicate daisies on your fingers when you are finished. 

Pro tip: Get this look in minutes with the Flower Power press on nails! This set comes with some bright and citrusy orange nails and an accent nail decked out in retro flowers. These nails are long with a square shape, and they will have you feeling like a flower child in no time. Plus, they have a gorgeous gloss finish to top it all off.  

4. Pastels with Butterflies

This is a super easy and beautiful nail design to try out. You will need a range of pastel colors, five total (one for each nail). You can start with the darkest color and end with the lightest color for an ombre effect. Think pinks, purples, greens, or blues for the color palette. Finish it off by adding a butterfly sticker onto one accent nail! 

Pro tip: Get an ombre nail in a flash with these ombre Clutch press ons

Is There an Easier Way To Do My Nails?

If you are bad at doing your own nails or are tired of going to the nail salon, there is an easier and better option. Ever heard of press on nails? Oh yeah, they’re the manicure of the future (and probably of your dreams). Press on nails are meant to look like acrylic nails, but they are, like, way better. They are fake nails that are applied to your natural nail with a gentle yet durable glue. 

This means they cause significantly less damage (if any at all) to your nail. Gel and acrylics can cause cracks and breakage. Press on nails can add the perfect length to your nails, whether they are naturally short or long. It doesn’t matter because press ons work for all nail types and lengths. People love press ons because they can choose the shape, length, and design of their nails. 

At Clutch Nails, we have the perfect selection of press on nails to choose from. We have some super cute spring-themed nails that will really stand out. Whether you want a plain color or a fun design, you’ve got plenty of options to think about. And if spring nails aren’t really your thing, we have darker colors and edgier designs that you’ll love. Our press ons are perfect for anyone, no matter how they like their nails to look. 

If you want something that will remind you of nature, try our Pine For Me nails. This gorgeous and green set has some glitter and ombre nails, along with some that are plain green. These extra-long coffin-shaped nails will make all your friends green with envy. If you want something lighter and simple, our Cold Hearted nails are for you. These are a cotton candy lover’s dream, complete with a light blue and pink ombre design. 

The Spring in Your Step

Hopefully, after reading this, you find yourself feeling inspired to try something new with your nails. Whether you like to get your nails done at the salon or do them yourself at home, spring is the best time to try new designs and colors on your nails. Spring is also great because you can get away with so many different designs and colors that you can’t in other seasons. Yes, pastels and cheery colors are totally in, but you can get away with slightly darker colors on the colder days. It’s the best of both worlds for style, weather, and your nails! 

We’ve given you a few ideas to try out either at home or at the nail salon. These are just a few out of the countless different ideas you can try. Your creativity knows no limits! You can do whatever makes you happiest and is most in line with your style. 

If you’ve decided you’re tired of paying to have your nails done and wasting time and money at the salons, then you absolutely need to try press on nails. Clutch Nails offers the best selection of high-quality press on nails you can buy. They will instantly transform your nails from looking drab to fab! From spring colors to bold designs, we’re positive you’ll find some press ons that you love. Try some for yourself and see how much better they are than other nail polishes and acrylics! 


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