20 Cute and Simple Nail Designs Anyone Can Do

We know that not everyone is a nail design expert, and that’s okay! Everyone deserves to have beautiful nails, no matter their skill level. Here are some of the best nail designs for any skill level so that you can step up your manicure game. We’ve chosen nail looks from every style, color palette, and taste so that you can find the best one for you. 

Marbled White And Rose Pink

The design of this nail may look difficult, but it’s really not. The contrast of the white and pink colors makes this look classic and modern. You can start with a nude-colored base and then add white polish to create the marbled effect. Oval nails are the best option for this design. 

Yin and Yang

If you want a classy nail look, you can’t go wrong with black and white. These nails go with any outfit, no matter day or night. You can mix the black and white on each nail or keep one hand white and one hand black. The coffin shape will go best with these nails. 

Prism Unicorn

Why choose just one or two colors for your nails? The world is your oyster when it comes to designs, so do what your heart desires. Start with a nude color as the base for these nails and turn the tips of your nails into a rainbow. You’ll stand out at any party with these. Try them with an oval-shaped nail. 

The Classic French

French nails are a design that you can always fall back on. They’re the pinnacle of sophistication and never seem to go out of style. If you’re looking to take this look to the next level, try an oval-shaped french mani. You can rock this nail design best with almond-shaped nails. 

Stars In The Sky

One of the easiest patterns to do on your own nails is stars. They can be done in any color and as small or large as you want. Your nails will look just like artwork once you’re done with them. Start with any color you like and choose a complementary color for the stars. This look goes best with round-shaped nails. 

Purple And Cream

Purple with white accents is the perfect nail look for spring and summer. With a look that’s reminiscent of a flower field, all you have to do for this nail look is be creative. Start with a light purple color as your base and design whatever shapes you want with the cream topcoat. This could be polka-dots, squares, swirly lines, or anything you can imagine. Try these with square-shaped nails. 

Springtime Flowers

With spring quickly approaching us, it’s time to get into the mood. Sporting fun and floral nails can be cute during any time of the year and remind us that warm weather is coming soon!

You can start with a pastel base and then add flowers to the accent nails or all of the nails if you’d like. These look best with square shape nails.

Checkered Print

This nail look is all about speed and race track fans. This design features matte black and white, representing a racing flag. The accent nail is fiery red and orange, with just a hint of black to stoke the flame. Try this design with a coffin-shaped nail. 

Ballerina Barbie

This look is a minimalistic design that will suit any person who likes to fly under the radar while being high fashion. Stick with a light pink color as a base coat and add an accent color to the tips to make them pop. This design looks best with almond-shaped nails. 

Shimmery and Gold

Adding texture to your nail is always a fun idea. You can add pieces of gold foil to your nails to really make them pop. This design is simple yet elegant. All you have to do is lay the foil in a “v” shape on the tip of the nail. Try this look with stiletto-shaped nails.

Green Shapes

Light, minty green is the perfect shade for spring. You can start with a green base coat and add wacky geometric shapes on top. The best part is that these can be totally random and still look carefully placed. Try this look with square-shaped nails. 

Lumberjack Red

This is a design inspired by people who like to chop logs. The design mimics the red and black fabric that isn’t quite a checkerboard. Start with a red base coat and then draw black lines that are both horizontal and vertical. Try this design with oval-shaped nails. 

Sunrises And Sunsets

Ombre designs are a gorgeous way to spice up average-looking nails. You can use yellow, red, and orange to create a sun setting on your nail bed. Blend these colors together to make them look seamless. These will look the best with almond-shaped nails. 

Glitter Stripes

This design is super simple but looks beautiful. All you have to do is start with a base coat and use glitter to draw a line straight down your nail in the center. If you want the glitter to really stand out, go for a neutral base. Try this design with coffin-shaped nails. 

Abstract Design

This look is inspired by graphic design. You can use any color to start with and create a shape using a stencil. You can also go freehand if you’re feeling super bold. There is no wrong way to go about this look, do whatever your heart desires. This design is best with round-shaped nails. 

Sparkly Base

This design is a nude look with glitter along the nail bed. It’s an eye-catching choice of nails that’s easy to do yourself. You can even choose to have different colored glitter on each hand if you’d like. Try this design with almond-shaped nails. 

Cow Print

Cow print has been quite popular recently, and people can’t get enough of this look. All you need is black and white to create patches on the nail bed. These nails are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Try them with coffin-shaped nails. 

Leopard Print

This is a fun design to bring out your wild side. The spots can be messy, and you won’t have to think about touch-ups. Use a red or orange topcoat to create the oblong-shaped spots. Try this design with round-shaped nails. 

Pastel Rainbow

This is a fun way to bring out light springtime colors in multiple shades. Start with pink, blue, green, and yellow and alternate a color for each nail. The design is simple, but people will be complimenting your nails for days. 

Diagonal Baby Blue

This is a two-toned design that forms an optical illusion. Start with a neutral base, then take a light blue and paint diagonally across your nail. Leave the bottom section of the nail unpainted to create a unique style. Try this look with square-shaped nails.  

The Alternative To Painting Designs

Painting your nails can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Even simple designs can become tedious to do and cause you to waste hours of your day. Another option for faster and more professional-looking nails is the salon. 

However, this can cost hundreds of dollars a month to maintain. It can also take up hours of your day that some people just can’t afford to waste on getting their nails done. Getting your nails done professionally even causes health concerns when the manicurists don’t properly clean their stations. 

So, there are no other options, right? Wrong! Press-on nails have had a bad reputation for a long time because of their cheap quality and tendency to pop right off. 

Clutch nails have come up with a way to make press-on nails cool again. They come in tons of amazing designs that are reusable. Each set comes with 24 nails, a nail file, and nail glue. The sets also come in various shapes, lengths, and finishes to match your unique style. 

Here are some of our best sellers:

  • Pink Ombré
  • Holographic Glitter
  • Greek Goddess
  • Hot Girl Stunner
  • Wild Child
  • Pastel Rainbow 

The Run Down

Expressing yourself through nail designs is a fun way to show off your individuality. You can match your nails to your outfit, your style, or personality. If painting your nails isn’t for you, try Clutch Nails today to save you time, energy, and money! However, you decide to rock your nails, make sure you pick what’s best for your lifestyle and what will make you the happiest.


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