Picking The Right Nail Shape For You

Manicures are supposed to be relaxing, but when the manicurist starts throwing all those questions at you, it can get a bit overwhelming — especially when it comes to the nail shape you want. Uhh…is there a menu for that? In order to help you decide what shape of nail you like best, we’ve put together a fun nail guide. From “squova nailsl” to “coffin nails,” these are the nail shapes everyone is rocking right now.

If you have thin fingers:

Square Nails:

The “square” shape is when the end of the nail is filed perfectly straight across. It’s a classic, and one of the most sophisticated-looking nail shapes.

Squoval/Soft Square Nails:

This is almost like the square shape, except it has softer edges. It’s perfect if you like both the square and oval look. This shape is also fairly easy to maintain if you have shorter nails.

Round Nails:

The “round” shape is great for those who might have short natural nails or fuller fingers. Round and almond shapes help create the illusion of slender hands.

If you have stubby fingers:

Almond Nails:

Almond nails are usually seen on celebrities, probably because they’re flattering on most hands. The almond shape is made up of slender sides, a wide base, ending at a point.

Oval Nails:

Oval almost looks like the almond, but the tip is softer and rounder. This shape works best if you have longer nails.

If you get acrylic nails:

Stiletto Nails:

Don’t get this shape confused with the almond shape. Many think the two are the same, however there is a pretty big difference in the two. The stiletto has a sharper and more drastic point. This shape works best if you use it on acrylics instead of natural nails, since acrylics are sturdier.

Coffin Nails:

This shape is similar to the stiletto, but has a squared off tip. It’s incredibly elongating and slimming for your fingers, but works best with acrylic nails.

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