6 Ombre Nail Designs Anyone Can Do at Home

During the pandemic, most people were not able to go to the nail salon regularly, if at all. More and more people started learning how to do their nails at home. It’s a great way to pass the time and allows you to try out all sorts of different designs. But, if you’re like us, and you don’t have any artistic ability, you probably steered clear of attempting to paint your own nails. We get it; you want your nails to look good. And if they aren’t going to look good, you would probably rather have nothing on them at all. 

Thankfully, Clutch Nails came up with a solution to that. We have an amazing variety of press-on glue nails that are going to make your life so much easier. A huge trend in the nail world has been ombre-style nails, which is when one color seamlessly fades into another. Our Pink Ombre press on nails is the best way to achieve that perfect nail salon look without ever leaving your house. If you are still interested in trying to paint your own nails, we’ve got some great ombre ideas for you as well. 

The Reimagined French Manicure

While the French manicure design is definitely classy and pretty, sometimes it can be a little boring. It gets old after a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on it to keep things fresh and fun. For this design, you will need the classic French white and pink polishes. The end result will look like an upgraded version of the French manicure! Instead of having a pink base coat and the tips of your nails painted white, the pink polish will fade into the white at the bottom. 

You can still start with painting a pink base coat, but stop just a little after the middle of your nail. Then, you will start the transition to the white polish. It should be a seamless transition and not look choppy. The two colors should slowly blend into one another. For the complete look, top it with a jelly-finish top coat rather than a shiny or matte one. 

Classy and Simple Nude Ombre Nails

In our opinion, these nude ombre nails are absolutely perfect for an everyday nail. They go with every color and help you look so polished and classy. They are simple because of the use of plain nude colors but are still interesting because of the ombre effect. This design is very clean-cut and would work great in a professional setting. At the same time, it’s just pretty to look at and will work well no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. 

You will need a good tan color, a polish that is one shade lighter than that, and a cream white color. Start at the cuticle side of your nail with the tan color. Paint your nails until you are in the middle of the nail. Then, switch to the lighter tan shade. Use that until just before the tip of your nail. Finish it off with the creamy white color just at the tips of your nails. 

You can go back through and do touch-ups to make sure all of the colors smoothly blend into one another. Finish with a super shiny, high gloss topcoat. 

Cotton Candy Nails

These nails are so much fun, and about as girly as you can get with your nail designs. The bright pink and white ombre looks just like cotton candy, and the added sparkle accent nail is as sweet as sugar! While these nails work great for everyday wear, they’re also perfect for Valentine’s Day, a girls’ trip, and even your birthday. If you love pink, then this is the ombre nail design for you. There really isn’t a better combo than pink and sparkles, especially if you’re a girly girl. 

Even if you’re not, you could always do without the sparkle accent nail to tone it down a bit. You will need your favorite shade of pink, white polish, and silver sparkles. 

Start out by using the white polish towards your cuticle, and paint it down until it’s a little less than halfway to the middle of your nail. Then, you will want to take your pink polish and finish the rest of your nails. At the point where the two colors meet, you can add a little bit of white and blend it so that it starts to fade into the pink color, creating an ombre effect. Lastly, pick your accent nail, and give it a few coats of silver sparkles. 

Black and Grey With a Hint of Shimmer

If you’re feeling dark and moody, then this design is perfect for you. These are perfect for a fancy event (date night, anyone?) or even if you just want an edgy yet elegant design. These nails are great because they are edgy thanks to the use of black and grey, but feminine and elegant with the hint of shimmer. Either way, these are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. You will need black polish, dark grey polish, and a shimmer/sparkle coat. 

First, start off by using the black polish at the top of your nails towards your cuticles. The polish closest to the cuticle should be smooth and neat, but as you get a little bit closer to the middle of your nails, you can make the end a bit uneven. Then, take your dark grey color, and finish off the rest of your nails. You can swirl it a little bit to blend it where the grey meets the black. 

Next, it’s time to use your sparkle/shimmer coat. Apply a thicker coat over the black polish, but make sure you can still see the black through it. Then, put a lighter coat in the middle of your nails and no sparkles at the end. 

Beach Nails

These are the perfect nail designs to have if you are going on vacation. Or, maybe you’re in desperate need of a vacation, but these nails are as close as you’re going to get for a while! This design is for people at a little bit more of an advanced nail art level, but if you have the time and patience, anyone can do it. You will need two shades of blue (one light and one dark), a white polish, and chunky gold glitter for an accent. 

At the top of your nails (cuticle side), start by using white polish. Don’t paint it out too far, but you can vary the amount of white used on each nail. Take the lighter blue color and make that the middle section of the ombre. Swirl it into the white, so it starts to blend. Again, vary the amount of light blue you use to make each nail unique. Then, you will take the dark blue polish and use the same technique, swirling it into the light blue polish. The end result should look like waves. Finish off the design by putting a few randomly placed chunks of glitter to look like sand or islands. 

Green With Envy Nails

You’ll have everyone jealous with this fun (and very green) ombre design. The shade of green you want to use is up to you. Depending on the shade, these nails could work well for St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, and even Easter. If you aren’t doing your nails for a specific occasion, we recommend choosing a darker shade for the fall and winter months and a lighter shade for spring and summer. You will also need nail polish that contains thick and chunky glitter, either in green or gold.

Start off by painting two nails on each hand with the plain green polish. Then, paint two nails on each hand with the green polish and a top coat of glitter (one that still allows you to see some of the green peeking through, creating an ombre design). Then, on one nail on each hand, you’ll do a clear coat, then do green that fades into sparkles on the tips of the nail. 


As you can see, there are so many different ways to achieve the ombre look on your nails. You can try it with any color, and you can include more than two colors. Sparkle accent nails help to complete the look, but if you don’t like sparkles, you can always skip this addition. Painting your nails should be a fun thing to do, but if you find yourself getting frustrated, you can always make things easier on yourself and try any of our ombre nail press ons


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