Nail Hacks: How to Type With Long Nails

In this current environment, many people have become more dependent on technology in their everyday life. Utilizing your computer, laptop, or iPad for work has become widely popular; as seen with the amount of people working and learning remotely.

Nail Hacks: How to Type With Long Nails

We love press-on nails just as much as you do. So we understand the tremendous pain you feel when you need to remove your nails because they are getting in the way of your work. One notable task that is proven to be quite difficult with long nails is typing. 

So why does it feel like we have never typed before in our life when we are typing with nails on? Believe it or not, typing with long nails is possible. However, a lot of us are just doing it wrong. 

Follow these simple tips to make typing with long nails feel effortless. 

1. Do not type with your fingernails: use your fingers. 

This tip might sound trivial, but most of us don’t actually realize that we are in the habit of typing with our fingernails. This is because using your fingers to type requires a bit more precision to type than using your fingernails. 

However, it's the opposite when you have fake nails. Due to their length and shape, when you’re wearing fake nails, it is a lot more challenging to be exact with your typing. On top of that, using your nails to type is more likely to chip off your natural or fake nails. It is imperative that you are mindful of your long nails when you’re typing, and typing with your fingers is a simple way to ensure that you can type efficiently without damaging your nails. 

Typing with your fingers may feel odd at first. Focusing on the position of your hands over the keyboard will help; and remember to be patient. Don’t worry if you hit some wrong keys the first few times. Your fingers will eventually adjust and it will then be like second nature to you. 

Not sure if you're doing it right? Listen to how much sound is coming from your typing. Using your fingers to type will be much quieter than what you're used to when typing with your fingernails.

2. Take Your Time

When you're rushing your typing, you are significantly more likely to make mistakes. The amount of typing errors you make can be heightened with the addition of lengthy nails. Thus, one of the most important things to remember when it comes to typing with long nails is to take your time. Have you ever heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, there's a lot of truth to that statement. 

Your hands will need some time to get into the hang of finger typing- especially when you are used to typing with your fingernails so much. Instead of trying to type as fast as possible, focus on precision. Take the time to properly position your hands on the keyboard and put a conscious effort into typing in a steady manner. 

Think about it: you’re less likely to make mistakes when typing slower, so that means you’ll have less time spent rummaging through your work correcting spelling and grammar errors.

3. Practice!

Practice, practice, practice. The most paramount tip of all is to practice steps 1 and 2. At the end of the day, it will be all worth it because you get to flaunt your favorite nails no matter what. 

With enough practice, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing long nails at all.

Except for when all of your coworkers, family, and friends complement them. That's a side effect of wearing Clutch Nails. 

Don’t let anything- typing included- stop you from parading your favorite Clutch Nails set. 

Obsessed with long nails? We are too.

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