Yes, Kim Kardashian Wears Press-On Nails

Kim Kardashian has always been at the forefront of the fashion industry when it comes to her nails. Recently, she was spotted wearing press-on nails that have taken the beauty world by storm. Now, you can get the same look with these press-on nails that are inspired by Kim's signature style! 

At the Baby2Baby Gala in November, Kim Kardashian made an appearance with pointed French tip press ons that had the beauty world buzzing. Stunning the world with her witty, baby-pink press-on nails that featured an angular white tip, fans of hers were quick to point out that this bright, eye-catching manicure was a departure from the shorter nails she typically wears.

Press on nails have become increasingly popular for those who want a perfect manicure without breaking the bank or spending hours in a salon chair. With press ons, you can get a full set of designer nails in minutes that look just like they were done professionally—without any mess or fuss! Plus, there is now plenty of press on sets inspired by Kim’s signature style so you can get her look without having to go all out and pay for expensive nail art services. 

If you’ve ever wanted to try out one of Kim Kardashian's iconic nail looks, now you can—without the price tag! Whether you want to copy her look for a special occasion or just add something extra to your everyday style, press-on nails are an easy and affordable way to do it. Here is everything you need to know about getting a Kim K-inspired manicure. 

Kim K-Inspired Red Press On Nails

Kim K Candy Red Press on Nails

Recently, Kim Kardashian showed off her red press-on nails at the launch of her newest lipstick, “Dazed”. The vibrant shade of red was a showstopper and got us wondering why we weren’t rocking red nails too! With the ease of press-on nails , there’s no excuse to not spice up your look with this trend that Kim K. is doing so well. Check out our Candy Apple Red press ons!

Bright red nails

Did Someone Say Neon Green Press On Nails?

Kim Kardashian Press On Nails

Kim Kardashian West recently posted a picture on Instagram of her latest manicure—neon green press-on nails. If you’re anything like us, you saw them and thought, “Where can I get a pair of those?” Well, we have the answer! We know the perfect place to find these neon green press on nails so you can get the look straight from social media. 

Neon green press on nails


Kim’s Signature Look

Kim Kardashian manicure

Ready to join Team Kim K? Look no further than our collection of nude press-on sets inspired by her signature look! These sets are easy to apply with minimal prep work required, making them perfect for those who don’t have time (or money) for regular manicures at the salon but still want fabulous-looking nails every day of the week!

Long Nude Nails

Baby2Baby French Tip Look

Kim Kardashian French Tip Press On Nails

Are you looking to copy Kim Kardashian’s witty Baby2Baby Gala look with press-on nails? If so, then our French Girl set is the perfect way to get her iconic style without breaking the bank. Featuring an angular white tip and baby pink color, this press-on nail set will give you a stunning manicure that looks just like it was done professionally in minutes! Plus, they are easy to apply and can instantly add something extra to your everyday look.

French Tip Press On Nails

Similar, but Different French Tip Look

If you like the French tip look that Kim Kardashian had, but want something different, try Dipped in Black. It has a witty look and it will be different from everyone else's. This press-on nail set has a unique pointed black French tip and a light pink base coat. They will give you instant glamour with minimal effort. 

Black tip french nails

Get Kim Kardashian's Insta-Famous Nails with a Pink Press On Nail Set!

Kim K Pink Press On Nails

Kim Kardashian recently posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing a beautiful pink press on nail set. Since then, we have seen an influx of requests from fans wanting to get their hands on the same look!
Now our “Not Ur Babe” set doesn’t have the “P” embezzled on it, but it does have a gorgeous accent nail in it’s stead!

Pink Press On Nails

For Those That Just Can't Do Long Nails

Kim Kardashian Short Nails

Although Kim Kardashian has worn some eye-catching long press-on nails recently, it's no secret that she usually prefers to keep them short. That's why La Nuit French Tip Press Ons are the perfect set for those who want a shorter look with all the glamour of a longer manicure! Featuring an angular black tip design and a light pink base coat, this set will give you instant style without any mess or fuss. Plus, they're easy to apply so you can get a stunning manicure in minutes!

short black press on nails

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for how to get Kim Kardashian's classic press-on nail look! With these three sets of press-ons, you can achieve her signature style in minutes. Whether you're looking for a longer or shorter manicure, there is an option here that will give your nails the perfect dose of glamour and sophistication without any of the mess or fuss of acrylics. So go ahead and copy Kim K’s classy press on nail styles—you won't regret it!

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