How to Type With Long Nails: Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Lots of us spend our working hours at a keyboard, typing away on emails, reports, or whatever other projects we need to get the job done.

Typing is second-nature for many of us, and there are some true powerhouses that can pump out well over 60 words per minute!

Unfortunately, we sometimes run into problems on the keyboard when we’re rocking stylish press-on nails, especially new shapes we may not be used to.

Typos, wrong inputs, and overall slowdown can be annoying for anyone trying to get ahead at work, and some think it’s just not worth keeping those funky nails if they hurt performance.

We’re happy to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice your style just to be a better keyboard warrior. In this article, we’re giving you some insider tips and hacks that will make it way easier and less stressful to type like a boss with whatever nails you want!

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Select Your Shape and Length Wisely

It’s a ton of fun to browse, select, and apply press-on nails, but we tend to think about form over function when we’re in the heat of the moment.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve eagerly filled up our shopping carts (in-store or online) with funky nail styles only to realize they are not the most practical in daily life.

The truth is that whether you’re in high school, college, or the real world, typing is a part of life. We are constantly at a keyboard in some way or another, even if our jobs or coursework doesn’t directly apply to word processing.

If you keep on running into keystroke issues with press-on nails, consider switching up your nail shape to something a bit more low-key, then upgrade to the bigger, crazier styles once you become more comfortable typing with them on.

Here are a few of our favorite nail shapes and how they might impact your typing:

  • Round nails are definitely your best bet if you’re a beginner typist looking to wear some fresh press-on styles. They are most reminiscent of our natural nail shape and therefore allow us to ease into the new reality of wearing slightly longer nails. Start with the short ones and graduate to medium when ready.
  • Oval nails are a slight step up from round, typically available in longer lengths and with a wider body that may be tougher to manage on the keyboard. These nails will likely cause you to adjust your typing style, which is good practice for when you start wearing bigger, bolder shapes.
  • Stiletto nails are when things get really interesting! These tend to be longer, pointy shapes that are notorious for inconveniencing contact lens-wearers and office workers alike. Luckily, they are not especially wide, so you can successfully type away without hitting the wrong keys over and over. Just be a bit more conscientious than usual.
  • Square nails don’t have to be lengthy, but their width poses a problem for those seeking to master the art of fast, accurate typing. You will likely end up pressing the wrong inputs at first, forcing you to slow down and focus on precision. Once you’re up to speed, you can increase the length and really challenge yourself. 
  • Coffin nails are bold and make you look like a star, but the tapered shape may not be the best for typing. They tend to be on the wider side and only really work in longer forms. It may be best to save these nails for when you become a press-on pro.

  • Lucky for you, the best press-on nail producers give you a lot of options for various shapes and lengths, allowing you to try tons of different styles and see what works best for you.

    Because press-on nails can be easily applied and swapped out, you don’t have to worry about making a major time or cash investment when trying out different form factors. Since they last around 10 to 14 days total, that gives you just enough time to master a particular shape.

    If you’re super dedicated to getting better at fast typing with press-ons, map out a schedule for yourself and gradually increase the length and shape difficulty of your nails every couple of weeks. This puts you in control of the situation and lets you learn little by little.

    For example, pick out a set of short round or oval nails for the first stage and master typing in those. Two weeks later, step up your game to something slightly longer like a medium stiletto. Then crank it up another notch with a longer square shape. Finally, put yourself to the ultimate test by wearing some extra-long coffin nails, and you’ll be golden!

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    Change Up Your Form

    Picking the right nails can definitely help you learn to type with greater speed and accuracy, but there’s also something to be said for the way you type in the first place.

    Let’s be honest, none of us really remember the typing lessons we learned in school, and we’ve all picked up weird idiosyncrasies over the years to make typing more comfortable and natural for our own personal need.

    We hate to say it, but it’s time to get back to the fundamentals! Let’s look at some of those classic typing tips that will help you master the keyboard quickly and comfortably.

    • Maintain good posture in your seat and make sure your hands rest somewhat flat on the keyboard. There should be no stress or strain in your wrists, arms, or fingers.
    • Visualize how a concert pianist or jazz musician plays the keys. Their hands move minimally and they exert the least amount of effort for every movement, with maximum effect. You rarely see their fingers bend more than necessary.
    • Get used to typing with the “meat” of your fingers rather than the tips where your nails end. Imaging every keystroke has to leave a perfect fingerprint in the middle of the key, and you will become accustomed to this style of typing.
    • Go back and review a hand placement chart for a modern QWERTY keyboard and see if your style matches up with the recommended technique. It’s likely you’ve made some tweaks over time and you aren’t sticking to the suggested protocol.

    It’s going to take some time to make adjustments to your typing method, especially if you’ve spent years engraining those habits deeply. 

    Just view this process as an important part of your occupational health and happiness, and remember that you’ll be thrilled once you can wear all those awesome styles you desire. 

    Go for Precision Over Speed

    At first, you’ll want to set a words-per-minute record while wearing your fresh new press-on nails, but that just isn’t going to happen.

    Slow it down and get used to making accurate inputs before you even think about speeding up. Even if you type slower than a toddler, don’t worry about it. Speed means nothing without precision, so focus on making the right inputs first, and the quickness will come later.

    If you take the time to punch each key with care, you will slowly train your fingers to move more gracefully around the keyboard and go faster every day. Remember, it takes the body a while to get rid of old habits and start new ones, so be patient.

    We recommend not waiting until Monday morning to try typing with brand new press-ons because you want to be performing at a high level when it’s time to do real work.

    Instead, you should apply your nails on Friday, do some practice over the weekend at home to make sure you’re comfortable, and by Monday you will be in great shape to get stuff done.

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    Try Some Different Technology

    Even though office technology has come a long way since the analog typewriter, a lot of the keyboards available are just not conducive to comfort and speed, especially for those of us who regularly wear press-on nails in the workplace.

    Luckily, there are a bunch of excellent keyboards released in recent years that check all the boxes for ergonomics and make life way easier for the press-on nail people out there.

    This post from Office Solution Pro details some of the best keyboards on the market for those of us who wear unusual shapes and lengths, and they explore exactly why some designs are better than others.

    We love the ones with cushioned palm rests and a slim profile. It’s always a plus to find a keyboard that matches our finger length and hand size, so definitely take the time to shop around and find the one that fits you best.


    We get it, typing with long nails can be a pain in the neck (and the wrists). But you shouldn’t let your bold style choices impact your productivity!

    Way too many people just never wear the nails they want because of concerns about typing comfortably and accurately. We want to fix that!

    Follow these tips and stick with the program, and you’ll be typing like a maestro in no time.


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