How often should you take a break from acrylic nails?

How often should you take a break from acrylic nails? A week, a month, or six months? Most regular acrylic nail users often wonder if it is safe to keep wearing them all the time or observe some break after extended use of acrylic nails. A lot of people have their diverse opinion on this DIY manicure question, especially when it comes to how long the break should last.

Today, an acrylic nail is a common sight among ladies that are fashion conscious- Think of it as nail art. Many ladies have become attached to their acrylic nails that they can hardly go a day without it. While acrylic nails can boost your ego and make you feel more beautiful, there are also potential risks from prolonged wearing. Skip the nail salon, you can choose to play safe by going for alternative high-quality nails from Clutch Nails, which look every inch like an acrylic. They come in different designs and are very convenient to use.

While the duration of break remains controversial, it is widely agreed that you give your nails a break after prolonged use of acrylic. Some experts suggest between three (3) to six (6) months. Going on an acrylic break is beneficial to your nails. It will give your natural nails the time to revitalize and also allow you to properly nurture your nails. However, there is more you probably didn’t know.

Acrylic break is a time of reflection on the health of your natural nails

Going on acrylic breaks often will also allow you to carefully study your natural nails to see if they are damaged, or have become too dry. However, you should not expect any serious or long-term damage to the nails if your acrylic nails are properly done all the time by a professional nail technician.

It is also necessary to ensure that your acrylic nails are properly taken care of every two to three weeks. Also, make sure your acrylics are removed with proper polish remover when they are due by a professional nail technician. Proper care and removal will help your nail bed to stay healthy.

According to nail professionals, excessive use of acrylic nails—especially when they are poorly done—can have some health implications on your natural nails. The case is even worse if you already have a bad nail bed before the acrylic application. There are good reasons to allow your natural nails some time to invigorate before your next nail treatment appointment.

Why you should use only quality products on your nails

Continuous use of low-quality products and harsh nail treatments can cause your nail beds to grow weak over time. Some of the most common damages caused by the use of strong chemicals and substandard products to the nails include discoloration of the nail polish, breakage or chipping, gel nails, and stunted growth. While you follow the acrylic nail trend, don’t forget the importance of adhering to safety measures to protect your natural nails.

Why you need to keep your natural nails free from acrylic and any other harsh nail treatments for some time  

While a properly done acrylic may be safe, acrylics also tend to snag, which can create the perfect breeding ground for nail fungi and micro bacteria. The chance of this happening can be reduced if the acrylic is done by a professional. The secret to preventing this ugly development is to make sure there is no air bubble during the acrylic application.

The lifespan of acrylics is greatly reduced if they are performed on dirty, oily, or unhealthy nails. If your expensive acrylic deteriorates after wearing for a short duration, the problem may not be from the skill of your nail technician but the health of your nail. The healthier your nails, the longer your acrylics will last

How the application of acrylics impact the health of your nail

The entire process of acrylic application tends to weather the nail beds and the cuticle. The extent of damage will depend on the working ethics of your nail technician. For example, there is a debate on whether it is right to cut the cuticle or just push it back with cuticle oil. If you have a nail technician that loves perfection, they may cut your cuticle and buffer the nails using a coarse buffer which erodes the top protective layer of your natural nails. If the process is repeated often, it can lead to thinning of the nails.

The dangers of not giving your nails enough time to recuperate  

Looking good is good business. However, if your beauty regimen affects the health of your nails, it becomes bad business. Some ladies have become addicted to acrylic that they barely go a day without them. Failure to make your health a priority can be counterproductive to what you really want to achieve. Staying beautiful also demands that with or without the artificial nails and makeup you still appear presentable.

According to Amelia Perrin, a renowned beauty blogger, using the acrylic nails too often can be harmful to the natural nails. In her article, which featured on Yahoo news, she went as far as presenting images of the extensive damage caused by overuse of the acrylic nails to her nail beds (her natural nails were completely ripped off).

According to Amelia, it was not only the removal process that caused her nails to rip off but because she had failed to allow her nails to fully recuperate between her last acrylic nails and the new one.  One important lesson to learn from Amelia’s experience is the fact that when you don’t allow your nails to properly heal before going ahead with your next acrylic nails application, there can be severe consequences. The case of Amelia is not different from many other cases of women who suffer similar issues today.

Additional issues that can occur from excessive acrylic use

According to Dana Stern, a New York City-based dermatologist, continuous use of harsh chemicals like the acetone, which is used to remove acrylic nails can be harmful to the nails and cause them to be brittle or break. Also, the use of acetone is one of the major causes of nail discoloration. Therefore, it is necessary to cut down on how frequently you use acetone. You will find safer alternatives from Clutch Nails. These false nails can save you the stress of fixing acrylic nails.

What you stand to gain when you pause on acrylic use

Besides the health implications on your natural nails, there are other prices you pay unknowingly when you become addicted to the use of acrylic nails. Taking a break from acrylic can serve as a moment of reflection that will help you to rediscover yourself. Some of the things you stand to gain when you take a break from acrylic use include:

  • Confidence: Overindulgence in acrylic can lead to anxiety. Regular breaks serve as reassurance that your true beauty is not dependent on your nails
  • Health: A break will give your natural nails time to heal from all the harsh treatments incurred during the acrylic application
  • Money: Acrylic is expensive and can cost an upward of $100 to fix. The longer you take a break from acrylic, the more money you can keep in your pocket
  • Time: A complete set of acrylics can take several hours to be done. Now, that is a good amount of time to invest in other productive ventures

In case of damaged nails, what can you do?

If you notice that your natural nails are damaged after the removal of your acrylic nails, there are a few things you can do to help your natural nails recover. They include:

  • You can apply a natural topical treatment to the damaged nails
  • Good nutrition can help your nails recover fast
  • Give your nails a good break of three to six months and ensure that they are fully recovered before going for a new set of acrylic nails
  • Use over the counter medications and supplements to treat your nail
  • Always visit a professional nail technician when you notice any signs of off nail color or damage to your nails. The nail technician should help you find better solutions to your nail problems


Despite the rise of the gel manicure, the acrylic nails remain a major beauty trend in today’s fashion society and more people are continually embracing the trend. However, taking care of your good looks and ego should never be at the cost of your health. An injured nail is painful, unpleasant, and not something you should wish to experience. Proper treatment of damaged nails and giving the nails enough “breathing time” should be part of your routine. There is nothing better than neat, firm, and healthy nails.

If your beauty regimen undermines your health, it is time to think about an alternative. Clutch Nails have a collection of press on nails that resemble acrylic nails. From a distance, you may not be able to tell the difference. However, unlike acrylics, they are light, easy to fix, and come off easily. These nails are an affordable alternative to maintaining your good looks. They are safe and do not cause damage to your nail beds. If you have become so obsessed with long nails that going without them can lower your confidence, fill your acrylic break with these alternatives.


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