How Long Can You Wear Press On Nails?

If you haven’t tried press on nails yet, you’re missing out! Press on nails are the newest and trendiest way to have your nails done. They are cheaper than regular visits to the nail salon for acrylics and gel polish. And they are much healthier and better for your nails than acrylics and gel. They don’t cause damage, but they are just as durable and long-lasting. 


Speaking of long-lasting, how long can you wear your press on nails? Since they are made to be long-lasting, they will last you for at least two weeks. This is great news for those who are used to acrylics and gel polish, which lasts for the same amount of time. 

Now, this doesn’t mean your press ons will always last the full two weeks. The same could be expected of acrylics and gel polish because you just never know what might happen. That’s why it’s best to avoid certain activities when you have your press ons on your nails, such as excessive typing, putting pressure on them, and lifting heavy objects. These activities (and any other similar ones) might lead to breakage and damages to your press ons. 

The good news is, damage from the activities we mentioned earlier is the only reason why your press on nails might not make it the full two weeks. If you are just mindful of your nails, you should have no issues whatsoever. The other good news is that, even if you do break a nail off, you can simply glue a new one on at home. You don’t have to go to the salon to have it fixed like you have to do with acrylics and gel polish. This will save you time and money and save you the stress of worrying about your press ons breaking.  

long lasting press on nails

What Are Press On Nails?

Press on nails are fake nails that are glued onto your natural nail. They come in all of the different nail shapes you can think of, such as round, oval, square, cat nail, almond, and coffin. As you can see, you won’t have to worry about not having your favorite nail shape. You will be able to have your nails just as you like them! Our press ons at Clutch Nails are meant to look and act like acrylic nails. 

This means your nails will look as though you’ve had them done at the salon with acrylics. Trust us when we say that you will love press on nails way more than any other nail option you’ve tried before. Press-ons were developed as a solution to a few different problems. The biggest problem is the cost and time problem that happens with acrylics and gels. These both require regular nail services approximately every two weeks. 

These costs add up very quickly, leaving many people with having no choice but to stop getting their nails done due to the cost. That’s where press on nails come in. You no longer have to sacrifice getting your nails done because it’s just too expensive. But you also don’t have to settle for painting your own nails at home and having them just look ok. You can have the best of both worlds: perfect nails with a DIY cost. 

Press on nails were also made to help save you time. Driving to and from the nail salon, plus the time actually spent getting your nails done is such a waste. Altogether, it can easily take two hours out of your day to go to the nail salon. With press ons, you simply need 10-15 minutes out of your day. Can you imagine all the time and money you’ll be saying when you start using press on nails instead? 


Do You Need to Take a Break From Press Ons?

Just like you need to take a break from acrylics and gel, you do also need to take breaks from press-ons. The difference is you don’t need to take a break as often as you would with other types of nail polishes and products. As we already discussed, acrylics and gel polish can be very damaging to your natural nails. When left on for too long or when removed improperly, they can cause cracks and breaks in your nails. If your nails are already weak and brittle, acrylics and gel will only make them worse. 

With press-ons, you are using an adhesive (nail glue), but it is not nearly as damaging as acrylic adhesive. It is easily dissolved with acetone and should leave no residue on your nails. For other nail products, you would want to take a break every three to six months and take a full month off. This is to help your nails breathe, strengthen naturally, and grow out. As for taking a break from press-ons, just take a break if you notice a crack or break in your natural nail. 

Let that heal and grow out, and then you can continue regular use of the press-ons. You can pretty much always have press-ons on your nails if that works for you. Alternatively, press on nails are great if you only want something short-term. You can apply them for a special event or big night out and then simply remove them when you get home.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to leave things on their nails for a long period of time, then press ons are perfect for you. Besides, changing your look every two weeks is basically a requirement in the fast-paced world of fashion.

Also, if you are extra health-conscious or have issues with your nails, then press ons are definitely your safest and best bet. You can still take great care of your nails and have them look amazing. 

Press On Nails

Can You File and Trim Press On Nails?

Yes, you can file and trim press on nails just like you would acrylics or your natural nail. Our sets at Clutch Nails come with a special file that can be used on the press ons. There is no difference when it comes to filing your press ons than with your regular nails. Simply take the file and form your nails into the desired shape. While you are free to file and trim your nails however you want, it’s important to note that Clutch Nails already come perfectly filed, trimmed, shaped, and ready to wear. 

Our nails are meant to just be glued on and ready to go after that. The whole point of press on nails is to make things easier on yourself, so don’t feel like you need to do any trimming or filing at all. Most of our nails are longer in length, so if you find that they are too long for your liking, you can definitely trim them. Simply take your nail cutters and cut the press ons down to your desired length. This will alter the shape of the nail, so you will need to file it into a new shape after trimming. 

Do Press On Nails Come in Different Styles?

Yes! Press on nails from Clutch Nails come in many different styles. You can choose your favorite shape, length, and design/colors. You can shop a vast variety of press ons ranging from girly and cute to edgy and punk. To make things easier for you, we have a range of different categories. You can shop by season, by browsing Paris Hilton’s favorites, our best sellers, and more. 

We have nail shapes as unique as you are, such as coffin and oval. We also have a great selection of nails that can be worn every day, such as for work or casual/professional events. Some people are worried that they won’t have enough options if they start using press on nails, but that simply isn’t true. Especially if you shop with Clutch Nails, you will have all the options you could ever need (or want).   

Press On to the Future

Press on nails are durable and long-lasting, which means you can wear them for about two weeks before they need to be replaced. They look just as amazing as acrylics or gel polish, but they are way better for your nail health. Press on nails were designed for a few different reasons, but one of the most important ones is that they save you time and money. People shouldn’t have to compromise if they like having their nails done but don’t like to pay the high salon prices. Do yourself a favor and switch over to Clutch Nails press ons! 

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