Fall Nail Designs: Ultra Pretty and Must-Try

We love everything about autumn, from the flannels and lattes to the foliage and football.

There’s also a whole new set of nail art ideas that come into play once fall rolls around, just when we’re running out of summer designs!

Let’s look into some of the best pretty nail art for fall, and make sure you have plenty of ideas to last the whole season.

Back to Beige

You’ve spent all summer binging on neon pinks, blues, and cherry reds, so it’s time to come back down to earth with some neutral tones!

Beige is a great place to start since it’s so versatile and works at any nail length. If you’re going back to school, it’s a slightly more conservative look for the classroom.

If beige is too boring for you, feel free to add a glossy topcoat to boost the shine or add a couple of small jewels on an accent nail for some bling.

Moody Maroons

Rich, dark reds are a fall classic and look great with your favorite bold lipstick. Maroon looks great on short nails, but they take on a life of their own with long stiletto shapes.

If you want to make a good impression at school or the office, maroon can help you achieve a new level of sophistication. It’s such a classic and refined color!

Want to mix things up a bit more? This article from Good Housekeeping suggests you add in a matte accent nail here and there, or alternate normal polish with glossy.

Autumnal Tortoiseshell

The multi-layered tortoiseshell nail trend is very popular in fall because it gives off a warm, scholarly vibe. We love the way it matches with eyeglass frames and big cozy sweaters.

This style is not very easy to replicate with a DIY manicure, so we suggest you get to the salon if you want it done right.

Otherwise, you can find press-on nails that do the job fast, and save you some cash as well!

Warm Tans and Browns

According to Allure, you don’t need to let browns bore you this fall. Adding a bit of sparkle to your brown or tan tones is perfectly acceptable, and we encourage it!

Cozy Color Blocking

Need a back-to-school arts and crafts project? Color block your nails for a 100% original design. It’s easier than it looks!

Grab yourself a set of blank press-on nails and map out a unique pattern incorporating thick stripes, triangles, and squares. Use some thin tape to make sure the colors don’t bleed into one another, then start painting.

As long as the colors work well together, you can quickly achieve something brand new that can’t be replicated by anyone else. Give it a try.

Fall-Themed Flowers

Some flowers are just better suited for fall themes, like sunflowers and rustic bouquets. Leave the tulips and daisies behind, because it’s time for some bigger, bolder flower designs.

Learn to paint these yourself and you’ll have a never-ending arsenal of fall flowers to choose from, or simply go for a sticker pack and speed things up.

We suggest starting with sunflowers because they can easily be done freehand!

Pop-Art Confetti

The fun doesn’t have to end when fall rolls around, so try out some confetti designs that incorporate autumn colors like brown, red, and orange.

Lay down a couple of coats of neutral nail polish and sprinkle the confetti like falling leaves. A little bit goes a long way, and you have an instant original design that everyone will enjoy. 

Super-Thin Stripes

A great fall manicure is all about subtle shapes, and with a very fine paintbrush, you can easily create patterns that inspire.

We like to begin with a neutral tone like beige or pearl, then paint thin vertical stripes of glossy red or burgundy to emphasize the stark contrast of colors. 

It’s a fast and easy way to achieve a professional design at home, and perfect for fall.

Very Berry Blends

Raspberry, mulberry, and other sweet and sour fruits are all great colors for fall nails. The rich reds and light pinks let you break from the norm of drab fall tones.

Take your berry polish to the next level by adding a layer of glossy finish or sprinkling some sparkles on top before the last coat dries. Coarser glitter can give you that sugary baked goods effect that goes perfect with berry vibes.

Fall Foliage

We had to make room for the defining feature of fall - changing leaves! If you’ve even been up north this time of year, it’s truly a sight to behold.

You can freestyle some basic leaf designs on blank nails if you have the time and talent, or just stick on some decals for a quick fix. Make sure you include all the greatest hits of fall leaves, such as maples, oaks, and ivies.

Any dark red, orange, or brown base will suit your needs to stick some leaves on top, so come up with your vision and make it happen!

October Orange

Orange is the color most often associated with fall, and you have a ton of options in this category. We like darker oranges that border on brown, creating that warm pumpkin spice effect.

Also, feel free to brighten things up with neon orange once Halloween comes around. Bonus points if you can paint a mini jack o' lantern or witches hat!

Countertop Chic

Since we spend more time indoors during the fall months, we need to draw inspiration from our home decor now and then.

Marble and granite countertop patterns actually look fantastic when interpreted into nail art, especially with glossy coats and a hint of glitter.

Have your nail tech fix you up with a rock-hard acrylic treatment to achieve this effect on both a visual and textural level.

Bold Burgundies

When it comes to fall reds, the darker the better. We want those rich, burgundy nails we see in the European fashion shows.

These are elegant colors that can be worn on all occasions from the office to the lounge, or Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Lean into Green

Just because the leaves are changing color, doesn’t mean you have to avoid that deep forest green nail polish.

Dark greens are a great contrast to the reds, oranges, and browns of fall, and look great with your army jacket and combat boots.

Royal Gold Foil

You may want to save the golden glitter for the new year’s party, but in the meantime, pick up some gold foil to create some stellar shiny patterns on your neutral nails.

As Country Living pointed out, autumn is all about layering, so don’t hesitate to add some extra stickers or patterns to the mix.

Flannel and Plaid

Plaid isn’t just for dads, it’s for anyone who wants to channel their inner lumberjack. Black horizontal and vertical stripes on autumn-colored backgrounds are always a hit.

Just pick out your favorite three colors and design your plaid or flannel nails today.

If you aren’t about those checks and stripes, you can always match your nail color to your favorite chunky fall sweater to triple your cozy factor.

Temperature Attuned Polish

Some nail polish brands change color based on the temperature outdoors. Crazy, right? 

If you can track down some of this magical stuff, fall is the best time to wear it, with temps rising and falling throughout the day and night.

Just don’t get distracted at work or in a class by starting at your ever-changing nails!

Groovy Chevron Shapes

Fall is a great time to turn back the clock to the fuzzy stylings of the 70s. We love the thick squiggles of chevron, which pop with a yellow or orange base coat. 

You can find these patterns pre-made in sticker packs or you can easily replicate them yourself with black polish at home. 

Start Getting Spooky

We believe that Halloween starts on October 1st and lasts for 30 days, so the entire month should be dedicated to wearing crazy spooky nail styles!

We’re talking about cobwebs, ghosts, and candy corn patterns, plus any other ghoulish designs you can imagine.

If you are short on time and need an easy press-on nail fix this Halloween, we’ve got you covered with this “Pick Your Poison Halloween Bundle”, which includes three sets of killer acrylics. This pack should last you all of October, and then some!


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