What Are Baby Boomer Nails and How Do They Compare to French Tips

No matter who you are or what your lifestyle is like, you probably want to stand out when you do your nails! Your nail routine is designed to be an expression of your personality and tell people exactly who you are and what you love! Nail art is such a versatile way to tie an entire look together, from your outfit to your shoes to your makeup and everything in between.  

However, picking the right nail look can be really difficult, especially because no matter where you look, you get bombarded by hundreds of designs, bright colors, patterns, and crazy art designs that don’t speak to you at all.  Navigating the best possible look can be a challenge, so let’s break down one of the best possible casually beautiful and versatile nail looks trending today: the Baby Boomer nail look.

What Are Baby Boomers?

Before we dive into the idea behind the Baby Boomer nail look, we need to talk about where the name comes from and why the Baby Boomer nails were given that name.  The name originated from the Baby Boomer era, which was right after World War 2.  When the war ended, there were millions of babies born every year for several years afterwards.  We’ll let you guess why that happened!

Basically, this increase in births led to a generation from 1946-1964 known as the Baby Boomers.  At that time, the most popular nail trends were white, pink, and red.  Because those colors are so flexible, they became popular.  No matter what someone chose to wear, one of those three colors always seemed to work out somehow.  

What Are Baby Boomer Nails?

Baby Boomer nails are technically just a twist on the very classic French tip look that combines a white and pink color in a frosted look that’s absolutely beautiful.  Also known as the “French Fade,” the Baby Boomer nail look is a creative way to create something completely new from something that’s been done for decades.  If you’re looking for a way to combine a new trend with a classic idea, Baby Boomer nails are for you.

The look blends the white and pink of a traditional French tip nail based on the colors that were popular during the Baby Boomer era.  The frosted pink and shining white combine to create a look that is completely and totally unique in a beautiful way.  By blending the two colors, a seamless gradient is created that is incredibly pleasing to the eye.  The beautiful, pink base almost blends with the cuticle and then slowly fades into a bright white that adds a flash of light to brighten up any look.  

A French Tip does not have to be a combination of pink and white; sometimes, it’s simply a white tip added onto the end of the nail during a manicure.  However, most nail technicians accompany the application of the French tip look with a pink acrylic on the nail bed.  

Difference Between French Tips And Baby Boomer Nails

To determine the difference between a French Tip and Baby Boomer Nails, you first have to understand what a French Tip is. This traditional look is a beautiful combination of white and pink that creates a classy look perfect for any situation. At first glance, you may think that this is exactly what the Baby Boomer nail looks like too, but there are some subtle differences.

A French Tip doesn’t have to be an entire look; it can just be an accent to draw the eye or to complement a look.  On the other hand, the Baby Boomer nail design is definitely an entire look.  Because of how complicated the application is and because of the fact that the look is a blending of two complete colors with such precision and beauty in its gradient, the Baby Boomer nail look will take up your entire nail.  

Depending on how long your nails are, you could even get the look done on your natural nails without having to get acrylics!  If you find yourself in an especially adventurous mood, try applying the look yourself!

How To Achieve This Look

Creating the Baby Boomer nail look on your own will take a lot of practice and does actually require some pretty intense knowledge of complex nail application techniques.  For example, you have to be able to master the ombre finish with white acrylic.  The word ombre describes the way that the pink and white are blended together to make one seamless, beautiful gradient.  Learning how to apply this technique takes some serious practice, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away! 

While applying the ombre technique, make sure you’re blending the pink and white gradually, because if you’re not careful, you might just end up with a really light and subtle pink look across the entirety of your nail bed! While that may work with some outfits, it won’t be as versatile or eye-catching as the Baby Boomer nail will be.  

If you’re looking to explore this technique in a fully DIY setting, look into purchasing white tips and then layering a pink base across the base of your nail bed, eventually blending the two together with a brush to create the subtle gradient inherent in the look’s overall beauty.  

Variations Of Baby Boomer Nails

Any time you decide to go with a certain look, it can be helpful to weigh your other options before making a final choice.  You can always talk to a nail art professional or an aesthetician to get their professional opinion on what would work best for you. Here are some of the most common variations on the Baby Boomer nail look that you might want to consider before you make your final decision:

  • Accent nail: this look involves creating the Baby Boomer look but adding one nail on each hand with a different base color that is eventually blended into the white tip! This can be great if you want to draw attention to a single finger or if you want to make a certain color in your outfit pop!
  • Stiletto shaped matte: This look combines the gradient of the Baby Boomer nail with the fierceness of a stiletto nail.  You can pick any two colors that will create a gradient across the stiletto, coming to a point at the very end for a beautiful overall look.
  • Crystal enhancements: There are tons of ways you can make a nail look stick out if you’re trying to break the mold and be creative! Crystal enhancements are a great way to add a dash of sparkle to any look you’re rocking.  
  • Add chrome: Chrome is another way to add a flash to any nail look.  Chrome nails can be either a solid color or a gradient as well, making them a fun variation on the Baby Boomer nail.
  • Add glitter: Who doesn’t love glitter (other than everyone’s mom)? Glitter is such a fun way to finish a nail look, giving it a dash of sparkle that catches the light from any angle and really finishing off an iconic nail presentation.

Clutch Nails Options

If you’re looking for DIY or press-on nails that will allow you to create a beautiful custom look from the comfort of your own home, look no further than Clutch Nails! We offer a wide variety of nails in any length you could imagine that can be combined to create an iconic look.  

If you’re specifically looking for the Baby Boomer nail look, consider a French Tip press-on to allow you to create this iconic look without having to break the bank!

Why Try Press-On Nails?

Press-on nails offer you the best of both worlds between customizable beauty and price.  They allow you to try new things without having to schedule appointments and break the bank.  In short, press-on nails are the absolute best trend for the person who’s constantly on the go but still wants to stand out.  

Additionally, press-on nails are safe and give you the most flexibility because Clutch Nails offers reusable press-on nails so you can keep slaying over and over again. You’ll never have to worry whether or not you’re going to have to change your look because you don’t have the right press-on available.  Stay on top of your look, thanks to Clutch Nails!

The Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with a Baby Boomer nail look.  From the tried and true colors that your grandparents loved comes a beautiful look that redefines what it means to wear beauty on your hands.  Because of its complexity and how eye-catching the gradient is, you’re sure to make people look twice!  


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