19 Wedding Nail Designs You'll Love

Hear those wedding bells? Summer is that time of year when knots are tied and bouquets fly!

Weddings can be a blast, but they can also be high-pressure, especially when it comes to piecing together an outfit and accessorizing the right way.

You want to be formal and classy but also fun and sassy, and it’s tough to find that sweet spot in the middle. 

Today, we’re going to give you 19 wedding nail designs that you will love, and take some of the stress out of your planning schedule.

You don’t have to be the bride to take advantage of these tips, either! Anyone and everyone at the wedding will find something to love on this list. Let’s go!

1. Shimmering Silver

Something about the color silver just matches the celebratory wedding vibe perfectly. 

You can show love to the bride and groom by wearing a full coat of silver polish or just adding a shiny accent nail that glimmers in the right light.

A recent compilation of nail art from Oh Wedding Lady highlights a ton of silver in all different forms, so pick out your favorite one and show off that shine!

2. Metallic Sheen

You don’t want your look to be too loud when attending a wedding, so just a little bit of chrome can go a long way.

Metallic finishes are one of the biggest trends of 2020, so it makes sense that they’re showing up at weddings and bridal parties all over the place.

If you want to add a bit of chrome to the mix, we recommend our long, coffin-shaped Electric Blue Nail set to make a strong statement.

3. Flowers in Bloom

Weddings are a celebration of blossoming love, so it makes sense to wear some blooming flower designs on your nails when you attend the ceremony.

Add some flowery little flourishes to one or two accent nails, or put a full bouquet on every single finger to take things to the next level.

The best part is you don’t have to be a skilled artist to create some sweet daisies or roses. You can use prints, stickers, or press-on nails with prefab designs to make it happen.

4. Royal Squared Ovals

The “squoval” shape has recently gained a lot of attention for being the best of both worlds between two popular shapes.

We think it’s the perfect style to wear to a wedding, and they look great with light shades of grey, off-white, and even subtle pinks and blues.

Treat yourself to an acrylic or gel manicure to get that perfect squared oval shape, file your nails at home, or press-on some faux nails to turn heads at the reception.

5. Romantic French Mani

Is there ever a bad time to rock a classic French manicure? Our opinion is NO!

The wedding season is the best for French manis because of their simple elegance and easy maintenance.

If it’s been a while since you’ve tried this style, make it a point to revisit this oldie but goodie.

6. Pristine Pastel

We usually think of springtime as the prime season for pastels, but there’s no reason why these subtle color schemes can’t cross over into wedding season as well.

Light greens, blues, pinks, and purples go great with bridesmaids outfits and are the right mix of flirty, fun, and formal. 

Paint each nail the same color or try out some accent nails that complement your dress.

7. Light Baby Blues

Whether you’re in the crowd or at the altar, blue nails are the perfect combination of sophistication and easygoing style.

Blogs like TrendSpotter tend to recommend lighter shades of blue, but if you want a more serious look, don’t hesitate to wear some royal blue or navy.

No matter which shade you select, do yourself a favor and pick one or two accent nails that feature a white flourish like a bow or ribbon.

8. Well-Placed Gems

Jewelry is a touchy subject when attending a wedding since you don’t want your necklaces and rings to outshine the bride and her family.

Placing a few subtle gemstones on your nails is the ideal compromise. You can showcase your shiny style without going over the top.

You don’t need to use very many gemstones to get the point across, and you don’t have to spend a fortune, either.

9. No-Pressure Nude

We love nails that live in that zone between classy and carefree, and nude shades are the first example to come to mind for this style.

This article from Bride highlights more than five different neutral nail tones that work great with white dresses and jewelry of all types.

If you’re trying to keep a low profile this wedding season, or just need an easy fix at the last minute, this is your best bet.

10. Golden Touch

We know that gold is not commonly associated with the wedding scene, which is why you should probably steer clear of all-gold metallics and sparkles.

However, a subtle stripe of gold on a few accent nails, especially on a light creamy polish, can look amazing no matter what outfit you wear. 

Pick up some gold foil to experiment with different designs and see what works for you.

11. Elegant Illumination

A little sparkle goes a long way on the wedding day. You don’t want to overdo it on the glitter, but just a dash of the sparkly stuff can be the perfect complement to that glistening ring.

If you’re watching from the crowd, sparkles are not off-limits by any means! Try some streaks here and there or dedicate an entire accent nail to a total sparkle showcase.

12. Subtly Psychedelic

Not all weddings are super formal, and some people just want a laid back experience for family and friends. 

If you have one of these low-key weddings on the schedule, maybe wear something more funky and fun like a tie-dye pattern or a multicolor swirl.

With press-on nails like our famous pastel rainbow Miss Chella set, you can easily swap them out for something else when a more formal occasion rolls around.


13. Wedding Whites

When the end of the season is near and you’ve exhausted all your ideas, you can always fall back on some classic white nail polish to finish the job.

There’s an infinite number of white shades to choose from, so you can still show off some originality with these looks. Also, you can add a glossy finish for extra shine!

14. Hints of Neon

We’ve all seen bridesmaids that push the limits with loud and wild outfits, and it’s a blast to be a part of that team! Neon nails are a great way to turn up the volume for a big bash.

Not only do these nails look stunning in the daytime, but they come to life at night.

If you don’t feel like going 100% neon, use some stripes or stickers for a little added flair.

15. Party-Time Pink

Everyone has at least one bottle of pink nail polish that they will stand by forever, and you can easily wear your favorite shade at the next wedding you attend.

The best pink polishes are not in your face - they have just enough flavor to make a good impression but not overstay their welcome. 

If you need to add another pink to your pocketbook, wedding season is the best excuse.

16. Stunning Stiletto Shapes

With so much talk about colors and finishes, let’s not forget about shapes!

If your goal is to turn as many heads as possible at the next wedding, consider getting a stiletto shape done with an acrylic manicure or some sassy press-on nails.

These shapes speak for themselves, so don’t go too heavy on the extra accents and designs.

17. Reception Dinner Red

Every wedding has a formal evening occasion where you want to be dressed to the nines. This is the best time to whip out your favorite red nail polish and wow the whole crowd.

We think that dark reds are best for nighttime summer receptions since they set a romantic mood and look great at sunset. 

18. Ombre for the Big Day

The best wedding outfits are super simple, so why not show off a more sophisticated color scheme with your nails? 

Ombre designs capture cool gradients that morph from one color to the next, and there are thousands of ways to pair them with your outfit and hair.

19. Clean and Serene

While the bride is saying yes, it’s okay to say no! No accent nails, no designs, no neon or chrome. Basic is beautiful, and you should be okay wearing your nails any way you want.


Whether you’re the one getting hitched or you’re just there to party, weddings are a blast! Take the opportunity to try out new styles and revisit some old classics.



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