Hey Gorgeous! I'm so happy you're here. I'm Alexandra, the founder and CEO of Clutch Nails. When I was in college, I was tired of spending my weekends and all of my money at the nail salon. I longed for nails that were as easy to apply as makeup, as cheap as a few coffees, and that could be worn as long as salon acrylics,

so I created Clutch.


During my junior year at University of California, Berkeley, I started to realize that no one in my sorority ever had their nails done. I asked around and figured out that it came down to a few key reasons:

1. The closest nail salon was too far away from my sorority house. It was also at the bottom of the hill we lived on, so we would've had to walk up a huge hill with wet nails.

2. The nail salon prices were way too expensive. If we had money, we were spending it on rent and food.

3. We would've had to allocate multiple hours every few weeks to going to the nail salon. Any time not studying or in class was extremely precious and would be spent with our friends.

4. No one wanted to buy drugstore nails because they were ugly, short, and, most importantly, they didn't stay on. 

In my senior year, I moved out of my sorority house and into an apartment downtown. Within one block of my apartment there were more than three nail salons. One day, I went into one of the nail salons and hired one of the girls to help me with an idea I had: I wanted to paint gorgeous designs on blank nail tips for my sorority sisters. A few weeks later, the idea took off! I spent all of my time designing, painting, and selling nails. 


After graduating, I took the business to the next level by getting my designs manufactured onto nails instead of hand painting them. The rest is history.