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Black & Boujee

Sexy and fierce, these matte black stiletto nails are all you need to feel and look your best. Perfect for letting out your inner dark and daring diva and owning any occasion.

Color: Black

Finish: Matte

Shape: Stiletto

Length: Long (nails can be filed and cut to your desire)

24 nails in a set

Includes file & nail glue

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cute but nails are missing

Went beauty con and bought 2 of these nails. Both the pink champagne and black & boujee are missing nails. Just opened them today and I guess I should have checked while I was at beauty con


While the color and shape is absolutely perfect they are a lot thinner then the other nails I have bought in the past. I broke two nails in half within 48 hours and I would t consider myself rough on them. One was while I was putting my my sweats and one when picking up my tablet. Super sad because I was very excited about these.


Really cute

Cute and Easy

Definitely a learning curve when it comes to application. Had to redo a few nails and overall my first apply was not as successful as my second. These are also LONG, I was able to trim them and file them, however, which was nice. Basically could customize them however I wanted as far as shape. I don't like that you can see the size number from back of your nail, or that you basically can't take baths with them on. Also, after removal there's a lot of residue leftover from the glue which is unsightly considering you cannot immediately apply a new set. But, for the price, it is worth it!


These are amazing! So easy to apply, and I receive so many compliments on my nails because they look like I got them done at a salon! This was my first time ordering from Clutch Nails, and I AM OBSESSED. The only issue I had was removing these nails was more difficult that I thought it would be. But, can't wait to reuse and try new sets!

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