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Miss Chella

Life is a festival and these "Miss Chella" nails are the ultimate accessory. With their pastel rainbow design, you'll instantly feel like the sexy unicorn that you are. 

Color: Pastel Rainbow

Finish: Glitter 

Shape: Oval 

Length: Medium (nails can be filed and cut to your desire)

Kit includes 24 nails, nail file, & glue

How to Apply our Nails:

  1. Gently file the surface of your natural nail bed to create friction for the glue to adhere to.
  2. Apply a drop of glue to the bottom of the Clutch nail and a drop of glue to your natural nail.
  3. Place Clutch nail on top and press down firmly for at least 30 seconds


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Unicorn Chic

These nails are super adorable, the first set of nails I received the glitter peeled off after a few hours and warped and they looked horrid, sent an email to customer service and they sent me a new set right away, just put them on for Valentine’s Day, they look wonderful, I hope the glitter stays on this set, if not I may just try a plain set next time, maybe it’s just the glitter and not the nails? I love the concept of these especially since I have a little one I can take them off when need be and put them back on for date nights :) I


These didn't last an hour. The glitter started peeling right away and the nail that wasn't glued to the nail bed started curling and breaking off. These are just awful.

Very Pretty But Not Recommended

I received so many compliments on these and loved the application process/look of these. The glitter started peeling off the nails a day after application and very minimal ware on the nails.

Cute, but do not recommend

I got a lot of compliments on them; however, the glitter started peeling within hours of applying the nails. The nails also started curl and warp throughout the day. I took them off as soon as I got home.

The Worst

The sparkles come off almost immediately and they literally broke in half. Do not buy.

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