Black Panther Press On Nails

Panther Claws | Marvel Black Panther Nails | Press On Nails

color: purple |Finish: Glitter |Finish: Glossy |Length: Extra Long |new: new |Shape: Coffin On sale
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Clutch’s extra long nail collection is the ultimate place to find your next show-stopping press on nail look. The fierce added length provides an elegant space for next-level designs, from detailed line accents to fiery flame nail decals. With several exciting styles to try, these press on nails are made for you to slay. 


There is plenty of opportunity for variety in nail shape, from the flat, tapered edge of the coffin nail to the sharp-tipped point of the stiletto look. Your nail art should make you feel beautiful inside and out, and you should be excited to show off your mani to the world. 


But there are so many options to try that it can be hard to know where exactly to begin. While these press on nails all share a similarity in their length, each style features a unique artistic take to try on for size. 


Strut In Your Stilettos 


The stiletto press on nails are classy, bougie, and the ultimate finishing touch to any look. These special nails are most recognizable for their almond-shaped base and long length that ends in a sharp pointed tip. The extra space provided in this shape creates an amazing space for nail art extravaganza that only further amplifies the drama. Our press ons are stronger than a natural nail, creating a finished look that is much less likely to snap. 


The extra long stiletto nail makes any day a special occasion, but the Mrs. Claws nails are the festive icing on the cake that is sure to make this upcoming holiday season sparkle and shine. After all, the bold and attention-grabbing ruby red base shines brighter than Rudolph’s nose. These extra glossy press ons come with an extra special gift for you: two gorgeous accent nails to choose from! Mix and match between red and white candy cane stripes and red ornamental glitter. Whether you are naughty or nice, these press ons will work for you. 


The Nail In The Coffin (Of Your Look!) 


The coffin nail is one of the most popular long nail looks today because of its flattering elongating effect on your fingers. These chic stunners are popularly known for being a favorite look of one Miss Kylie Jenner. The coffin nail, also sometimes referred to as the ballerina nail, is distinguishable for its long length that tapers into a flat-edged tip. 


The coffin nail shape is an amazing base for fiery fashionable nail art, like our Hot Girl Stunner press on nails. This nail set features multi-colored flame decals with a glossy finish. With a look like these, it is impossible not to stand out from the crowd. Watch out, world—you are officially too hot to handle!


To balance out fire with ice, check out our ice queen Blue Ombre press on nail set. These glittery pink to blue ombre coffin nails are the wintery breath of fresh air your nails need. These press ons have a shiny and glossy finish, along with special accent nails that have a glitter finish. Frosty and fun, this dazzling press on look should be on everyone’s holiday wish list.


Out Of The Box


By adding length to the square nail shape, we are able to infuse a contemporary essence into an already beloved classic look. The traditional square shape is known for having a straight, flat edge and sharp corners. The shape proves to be a consistently successful base for additional nail art, whether that be decals, jewels, or perhaps a glitter finish. This is because the shape gives the illusion of extra width.


A special benefit of the square nail is its durability. The perpendicular sides and smooth, flat tip break less easily than other shapes. This is a great option for a low-maintenance gal looking to add a little extra razzle-dazzle. This look is a true staple in the nail universe and with excellent reason. 


Our nails take the quintessential masterpiece of the square shape to all new heights by utilizing luxurious length. One style that always looks good with the square shape is the French tip. The French Tip press on nail set is a nude glossy dream come true. The white snowflake accent nails are so cool; it is practically chilling. The French tip coloring, traditionally a nude pink base with a white tip, is given a playful update by changing the color blocking to a fresh, new, and off-kilter angle. This press-on nail set is the not-so-subtle wintery vibe that is sure to turn heads and dazzle this holiday season. 


Longing For Long Nails 


Our extra long nails are sure to give you an extra special boost of inner confidence. There are so many different nail shapes and designs to try that it can sometimes be hard to know where to even start. No matter where you finally land, the end result should make you feel beautiful. Every sneak peek down at your nails should feel like a small reminder that you did something fun for yourself. These press on nails emanate a sense of flirty confidence and joy.  


While wearing long nails for the first time can sometimes feel like an adjustment, that should not deter you from trying a set on for size. The elongating finger effect is flattering on all hands. The extra length adds an elegant flair to every hand movement. These press ons are sure to make your vibe feel nothing but fun, flirty, and thriving. By trying out our extra long nails, you can finally embrace living out your fantasy dream nail drama. 



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